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Everything under one roof: Sanding, priming, intermediate sanding and coating

Partnership between HOMAG and IVM Chemicals: Expanding the technical center in Herrenberg

High-quality coated surfaces always require perfect synergy between the machine technology and the components or materials used. This can only be achieved through close partnerships and communication between machine manufacturers and coating agent specialists of all kinds. As the leading provider of production solutions for both the wood processing industry and trade, HOMAG is now working in partnership with IVM Chemicals GmbH. In the coating specialists' technical center in Herrenberg, surface processing machines have recently been made available to experience 'live'.

Extensive test runs for HOMAG customers

In most cases, extensive test runs are required to determine the correct surface technology for high-quality wood surface processing. Often, small factors have a large impact on achieving the optimal end result.

For users who are familiar with demanding surfaces when manufacturing furniture and components, IVM Chemicals' technical center offers excellent, expert advice on site. Experts from the surfaces teams at HOMAG and Dürr, application engineers from Croma Lacke and specialists from the IVM Group's research and development laboratories provide comprehensive, professional and personalized advice.

"In the Surface CompetenceCenter, you can always find the latest automated developments. With application-oriented live demonstrations of HOMAG coating systems close to our company's site, we are providing the ideal place to get to know the latest technologies."
Josef Zerle, HOMAG Executive Director Surface Processing

Everything under one roof: Sanding, priming, intermediate sanding and coating

In Herrenberg, application solutions are presented live with numerous opportunities for users to test materials, machine technology and procedures and how they interact. As a machine manufacturer, HOMAG installed an example HOMAG SPRAYTEQ S-100 series in Herrenberg. The SPRAYTEQ S-100 is one of the most modern and highly efficient spray coating systems on the market and is based on HOMAG's partnership with the renowned brand Makor. The new series was first presented at LIGNA 2017. The SPRAYTEQ S-100 offers woodworking companies a range of spray painting machines that are optimally tailored to help them get started with automated spray painting. Different machine designs from the SPRAYTEQ S-100 series cover the various requirements and production volumes. It can be configured as an autonomous spraying machine, as part of a comprehensive coating system or can be combined with automated workpiece handling as an autonomous painting cell.
Alongside the HOMAG spray painting machine, the advice center also currently features a HOMAG SANDTEQ W-200 wide-belt sanding machine. The technical center also features a combined nozzle channel with TL and IR dryers. This machine can simulate different air volumes and temperatures, enabling the simulation of any drying situation. There are also new rollers and UV lamps. This makes it possible to test and showcase applications from the Croma Lacke range with the latest machine technologies and UV-roller systems for the parquet and door industries.

"The cooperative collaboration with HOMAG has resulted in a future-oriented advice center for surface finishing. Though a symbiosis of customized coating systems and efficient application technologies, we want to provide optimal application solutions. The excellent conditions at the business group's German location can now be used for this solution-oriented customer service." 
Alexander Kollat, IVM Group General Manager

Advice for any surfaces

Now, all surface processing requirements are covered: From sanding, priming and intermediate sanding through to applying the final coating.

Thanks to IVM Chemicals' expertise and the knowledge provided by HOMAG and Dürr, as well as the experience of coating experts, users from the surface processing sector can get comprehensive advice in the new technical center.

The advice center is available to interested parties and customers of IVM Chemicals and HOMAG AG, as well as professionals from the woodworking industry. Here, production processes can be tested and optimized with specially-modified coatings. An additional advantage: The test runs often prove to be helpful when choosing the right system.

IVM Chemicals

The IVM Group is one of Europe's leading companies in the wood coatings sector and is one of the largest groups in this industry. The IVM Group represents subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Greece and Poland and is represented by specialist dealers in over 100 other countries.

IVM Group turnover: approx. EUR 330 million, 1200 employees, production capacity of 200,000 tons per production year.

In Germany, IVM Chemicals GmbH has become one of the market-leading partners for industry and trade. The highest production quality, a complete focus on customers and ecologically responsible business practices form the foundations of the company's philosophy. At the site in Herrenberg, the company prepares and distributes the Croma Lacke, a brand steeped in tradition that goes back more than 75 years to the "Croma Laboratorium" in Nagold. The entire product range is manufactured at IVM Chemicals' headquarters in Parona (northern Italy) in one of the most modern coating factories in the world. The international expertise of 200 specialists from research and development laboratories across the IVM Group is available to the German subsidiary. This culture of development gives the coatings specialist a competitive edge for customer-specific application solutions. Croma Lacke's comprehensive product range includes nitrocellulose coatings, polyurethane and water-based coatings for wood, UV coatings and UV-oils, polyester and color coatings, wood stains, waxes, oils, concentrated dyes, thinners, additives, wood protection products for outdoor use, special coatings for yachts and coatings for effect, e.g. wax effect.

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