Soft Touch: HOLZMA receives award

Specially designed for pressure-sensitive material, HOLZMA presents its new "Soft Touch" function. This regulates the contact pressure of pressure beam and clamps very precisely – damage to material caused by panels being clamped too strongly is a thing of the past.

"Soft Touch" was invented by Markus Ungerer. The graduate of Pforzheim University (southern Germany) developed the solution for HOLZMA as part of his final year dissertation and has now received the "Guild of Craftsmen Award" for it. The award was presented to him by Joachim Wohlfeil, the President of the Karlsruhe Guild of Craftsmen.

With pressure-sensitive materials, the holding and clamping forces of the pressure beam and the clamps are sometimes too high. A infinitely adjustable pressure regulator called "Soft Touch" is the answer. The principle is simple: the pressure beam is always moved downwards with pneumatic pressure, but now a pneumatic counterpressure counteracts the load. This significantly reduces the high dead weight of the pressure beam. A 200 kg heavy pressure beam then brings just 30 kg (approx. 300 N) to bear on the material – regardless of the cutting length. The clamps, designed especially for pressure-sensitive material, work on the same principle as the pressure beam.


From prototype to the sought-after option

The innovation did not remain an idea on the drawing-board. After the construction and testing of a prototype, the development was released as an option for several HOLZMA panel-sizing saws at the "Holz-Handwerk 2008" trade fair in Nuremberg. It has since become one of the most popular optional extras.


The award

"The market launch and the Guild of Craftsmen Award confirm our university's design," said Professor Dr. Martin Erhardt, Vice-Chancellor of Pforzheim University, in his opening address. The close cooperation between the University and industry is of significant benefit to both partners. The Karlsruhe Guild of Craftsmen Award for final-year university dissertations is an important link between the world of science and industry. It is awarded each year by the Karlsruhe Guild of Craftsmen for a scientific dissertation that addresses topical questions that are also of relevance to the trade sector of the economy. The aim is to apply theoretical, scientific findings to the concrete working environment of small to medium-sized trade businesses. This year saw the Award being presented for the fourth time. It is endowed with € 5000, part of which goes to the Faculty and the other (larger) part to the graduate.


Markus Ungerer

Markus Ungerer got to know HOLZMA as a trainee student. His outstanding dissertation was closely based on his practical experience, and the results were incorporated by HOLZMA. "This is a classic example of a successful development," attested Dr. Rupert Zang, supervising Professor in Mechanical Engineering. Until the end of 2008, Ungerer was a development engineer at HOLZMA before moving to Darmstadt for family reasons. His close affinity with the Swabian machine manufacturer HOLZMA also became apparent in the laudatory speech given by Peter Gröning, Head of Research and Development at HOLZMA.


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