Review: The first DigitalDay in Denkendorf was a great success

Bringing digitalization to life. This was the motto of the first HOMAG Digital Day in Denkendorf. Presentations and workshops on various digitalization topics demonstrated to small and medium-sized businesses the opportunities for digital alignment with HOMAG. HOMAG thus created a link to LIGNA 2019, where digitalization possibilities for practical, digital products were presented.

The company Speedmaster started proceedings with a presentation about their development of a fully networked production. Today, the company's factories in Germany and Austria are able to deliver orders within 48 hours. What challenges did they have to overcome and what was the driving force behind doing exactly what they did, despite setbacks? These questions were answered by Mr. Schweiger, Managing Director of Speedmaster GmbH.


In subsequent workshops, different digital solutions from HOMAG were presented to the 50 participants in small groups. At the following stations, HOMAG experts answered questions and demonstrated specific use cases:

  • Product overview and connection to tapio:
    The digital product range of HOMAG is constantly growing: from a configurator and a digital job folder, to cutting optimization, edgeband management and sorting solutions.
    To create a uniform software basis, all digital apps from HOMAG will be provided via the tapio technology platform. The user therefore needs only one user account to log in to all of the apps.
  • cabinetCreator and productionManager:
    The online cabinetCreator allows users to configure furniture, create drawings and parts lists automatically, as well as generate suitable CNC processing programs. The user has access to predefined basic forms that can be adapted step by step to create individual pieces. All of the required data is then output for production or transferred to productionManager.
    If a different CAD/CAM system is already being used, this data can also be easily transferred to the productionManager.
    The digital productionManager job folder can be used to collect all jobs and the related job data digitally. The data is then made available for other applications or tablets in production. What if an edging or dimension changes? The production data is updated automatically and is therefore always up to date.
  • productionAssist Cutting and intelliDivide:
    intelliDivide can be used to optimize the cutting patterns output for HOMAG saws. The following criteria are available for selection: less time, easy material handling or particularly efficient use of resources.
    In combination with productionAssist Cutting, intelliDivide shows how the data flow can be optimized, even with an existing sliding table saw. This means that an optimized cutting pattern can even be created for manual saws. A separate barcode printer creates the associated labels for unique part identification according to the selected cutting pattern.
  • Edgeband management:
    Edgeband management ensures optimum sorting, storage and management of edgebands and helps to select the correct edgebands for existing jobs. Because the edgeband are organized in a rack, the user has an overview of the stocks of materials—both visually and digitally.
    LEDs that light up at the correct rack compartment show which edgeband is required for the selected job.
  • productionAssist Sorting and productionAssist Assembly:
    What is the most efficient way to sort parts and how can finished production orders be detected? productionAssist Sorting helps with the sorting of the workpieces. Thanks to visual suggestions on the rack, it easy to keep all the components belonging to one item together when they are being stored. When a production order is finished, the rack compartment lights up.
    productionAssist Assembly uses the data from the sorting shelf and also supports the user in assembling the furniture. In combination with the data in the digital job folder, all the relevant assembly data is available: exploded drawings, parts drawings, a list of all fixtures and an overview of all furniture that can be fully assembled.
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