Reface Scotland gain an edge on the competition with new HOMAG Highflex 1230 from HOMAG UK

Reface Scotland has more than 25 years of skills and experience in bedroom and kitchen transformations. Initially the company specialised in making quality custom-made kitchen cabinets.

When fitting kitchens it became apparent that fitters were constantly forced to throw away perfectly serviceable existing units, most of them high quality items with many years of life left in them. This is when the idea of recycling these units was thought of and the ‘refacing’ focus was established for the business.

Since then, the world has become more eco-conscious and, as a company, Reface evaluates the waste produced at its manufacturing plant to insure it is, if at all possible, recycled. Today, Reface Scotland has grown to become the market leader in kitchen refacing.
The company manufactures in its own facility, allowing it to keep a close eye on quality as well as offer unrivalled flexibility. Reface’s carcasses are handmade and engineered to the highest quality with a thickness of 18mm rather than the common 15mm.

“Our old edgebander was costing us time and money,” explains Malcolm Graham, production manager for Reface Scotland. He continues, “We used it for eight hours a day and it kept breaking down. It wasn’t delivering the standard of results the business needed and we felt that given the cost of repairs and downtime, a new machine would be more cost effective and quickly pay for itself.

“Many members of staff at Reface have been in the industry for over 40 years and during that time German engineering has always been second to none in terms of quality and excellence. So when it came to drawing up a shortlist of companies to talk to about a replacement, HOMAG was top of our list.

“In terms of what we needed the new edgebander to do, corner rounding was essential. We also wanted a machine that we could set up quickly and do fast edge changeovers to improve productivity.”

Highflex 1230 – Impressive speed with excellent quality and reliability
“Although we looked at other brands, nothing came close to the all-round superiority of the Highflex 1230 which we saw demonstrated at AWMS Engineering, the official agents for the Homag Group in Scotland.
“Once we’d ordered the machine, everything went very smoothly. The delivery was spot on time and the machine was installed in less than a day. The installation engineer, Andrew Carson, also trained our team on the HOMAG, doing an excellent job here in our factory.
“Since the Highflex 1230 has been commissioned, I can’t speak too highly about its performance. The machine is absolutely reliable and does everything we had hoped it would. As a consequence of installing the edgebander, there has been a significant improvement in both quality and productivity. With the Highflex we can easily produce all our flat doors in-house, including high gloss finish styles.”

Quick payback
“The Highflex 1230 is the first machine the company has bought from HOMAG, but I’m sure it won’t be the last. We’ve had the edgebander for just over six months now and it has been totally reliable and truly cost effective.
“Unlike its predecessor, we can run the HOMAG for seven or eight hours a day, with absolutely no issues or concerns. Given this level of productivity, our expectation is that the Highflex 1230 will have easily paid for itself within two years,” concludes Malcolm Graham.

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