Quick change between glue types and glue colors made easy

Fast, clean change between EVA and PUR hot-melt glues on HOMAG edge banding machines

At HOMAG, EVA and PUR hot-melt glues are processed on the same machines and with the same application unit. A new feature is that the glue can be changed via the melting unit without mixing, i.e. with no cross-contamination and no cleaning.

Due to its resistance to humidity and heat, PUR is ideal for use with edge banding for furniture in humid rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and laboratories. If these properties are not necessary to achieve perfect edges, the carpenter will prefer EVA for reasons of cost.

To facilitate fast switching between EVA and PUR, the HOMAG melting unit can now also be used for EVA. This is thanks to two differently designed, interchangeable containers. The interchangeable container design used up to now has proven to be an excellent choice for the processing of PUR cartridges. The new interchangeable container is specially designed for the metered supply of EVA granulate. The ergonomically designed handles allow the interchangeable containers to be removed from or inserted into the melting unit quickly and easily. When changing between EVA and PUR, no time-consuming cleaning is required. In addition, the application unit can either be replaced without cleaning the machine or simply emptied and refilled in the machine.

There are three versions available: One for processing both EVA and PUR alternately (new), one for exclusively processing EVA (new) or—as before—one for exclusively processing PUR.

Glue change via the melting unit is available for the EDGETEQ S-240 (from model 1240 FC), EDGETEQ S-300, EDGETEQ S-380 | S-380 profiLine and for EDGETEQ S-500 | S-500 profiLine series.

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