Production of window scantlings in trade: Automated and versatile

At LIGNA, HOMAG will debut the MOULDTEQ M-300 planing machine in combination with a return line — for economical one-man operation in window production.

The planing machine is fitted with six processing spindles, all of which are equipped with a separate drive unit. This means that the speed of each spindle can be adjusted individually. The spindles are fitted with the proLock clamping system and can therefore be changed quickly, making setup much faster and simpler.

Once processing has finished, the return line takes the workpieces, separates them on a driven roller conveyor, and transports them back to the operator. This is possible for parts with a length of up to 2.70 m.

This offers several benefits to the operator: An improved material flow, a sleeker, more efficient production process, and better organization of personnel thanks to economical one-man operation that is considerably more ergonomic than conventional operation.

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