Production in the digital age

HOMAG will once again be showcasing its extensive range of products and services to customers at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair (Hall 10.0).

The booth's main theme will be the organization of woodworking shops in the digital age, with a focus on practical solutions that make everyday work easier for carpenters and joiners and increase the efficiency of their workshops — be that with modern machine technology, customized software applications, intelligent control concepts or innovative service products. HOMAG will also be presenting digital assistants from many areas that offer a real benefit and added value.

What's more, visitors will be able to see two proven fully integrated concepts that consist of machines, smart hardware and apps. These concepts are examples of holistic customer solutions for networked digital workshops. The big advantage here is that the entry barrier to the digital workshop is very low as there are no hurdles to investment to overcome. Many solutions are "on demand," meaning that they only have to be paid for when they are actually used.

Multiple cell solutions will round off HOMAG's appearance at HOLZ-HANDWERK.

Concepts for the digital workshop

At HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG will use two different concepts to show carpenters the specific opportunities that digitalization can already offer them. Sophisticated tools simplify users' everyday work through simple steps and can help with workflows.

CONCEPT 1: Digital entry:

HOMAG's "Digital entry" workshop concept presents simple entry-level solutions that enable users to increase transparency in their production, recognize potential for optimization and improve existing production processes.

CONCEPT 2: Networked digital workshop

With the "Networked digital workshop" concept, each machine is operated by a single employee. This concept is organized so that the work preparation, machinery and bench room areas are separate from one another. Some of the job data is available to machine users in digital form.

Overview of the key highlights from the individual areas

Digital assistants

Cutting Production Set: Cutting assistant that helps the saw operator in the workshop with labeling and cutting parts. Complete processing data is therefore available from the first process step. The operator is given a quick overview of parts that have already been sawn, including a suggestion for the next part to saw.

Edgeband Management Set: Gives users a complete overview of all the information about their edge material. The edgeband management set manages the edgebands in the HOMAG edgeband rack, documents removals and returns of edges from/to storage and indicates the storage location, ensures easy edge handling thanks to the HOMAG edgeband packaging and enables labels to be printed to identify the edges.


Sorting Production Set: Contains an assistant for sorting components at the workstation in the workshop. This improves the organization of the workshop and eliminates laboriously searching for parts. Users are also given an overview of the completeness of the furniture/components to be sorted.

Life Cycle Services

serviceAssist: serviceAssist offers customers the help they need to solve problems quickly and independently. By recommending suitable and proven solutions, the app enables machine operators to prevent possible malfunctions and thus increase plant availability. serviceAssist can be used anywhere and everywhere on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


iPackage: At an excellent price/performance ratio, this all-inclusive package includes the TeleService flat rate, the ServiceBoard app and an annual inspection (including travel expenses). Detect signs of wear and maintenance needs early on and plan inspections and servicing in good time — thanks to iPackage, customers have everything under control.



After the HOLZ-HANDWERK fair, customers and interested parties will be able to order even more new products from the HOMAG Group online in the eShop. In addition to attractive machines (with details of prices and configurations for comparison) and a wide range of spare parts, the new digital assistants, not to mention training and service packages, will also be available directly at

The digital HOMAG product sets designed to enable entry into the digital workshop are a real highlight of the eShop. The sets consist of different combinations of apps, intelligent racks (for self-assembly), including LED strips, and label printers — bringing digitalization straight to the carpenter at their workstation.

Edge technology

EDGETEQ S-380 & S-500 series: Automatic glue quantity metering for the exact quantity of glue required — always tailored to the panel material used. Adjustments can be made quickly via the touch control system. Optimal glue availability ensures better performance and cost efficiency at the same time.


The motorized top roll pressure unit and small parts package enable optimal processing of small parts and acute-angled or obtuse-angled parts. Individual surfaces covered with protective films can also be optimally clamped during processing.

EDGETEQ S-200 to S-300 series: There are exciting new gluing and automation solutions in entry-level edge processing at HOMAG too.


CNC technology

A-Flex table: the new A-Flex table combines the flexibility of a manual table with a display system and the convenience of a table with automatic positioning in one solution. It positions clamping equipment and consoles automatically, while at the same time offering the flexibility of a manual console table.

DRILLTEQ D-510: The perfect supplement for CNC surface processing, covering all common processing on the front side and in the periphery of the surface. The machine offers flexible clamping without setting, perfect reference thanks to a flat support and can perform a wide range of processing tasks, making it the perfect complement to a nesting machine or for processing shelves, frame parts and much more.

powerEdge Pro Duo: Thanks to new components and an intelligent control system, the new powerEdge Pro Duo edge banding unit gives users the perfect result quickly and easily. And that applies not only to existing processing activities — the unit also allows free switching between conventional gluing with hot-melt glue and precoated edges with a zero joint.

Panel dividing technology

SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec: The robot saws in the SAWETQ B-300/B-400 flexTec series combine the strengths of automation with manual versatility. At HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG is presenting the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec with additional new features to make the entire process of the machine even easier, more flexible and more efficient for customers — from work preparation and optimization through to production workflows and destacking.

SAWTEQ B-130: With its state-of-the-art saw control software, the SAWTEQ B-130 cuts quickly, precisely, efficiently and with significantly higher automation than a circular saw — and only for a slightly higher price. After HOLZ-HANDWERK, the entry-level saw will be available with a 3800 mm cutting length and the proven Easy2Feed automatic feed system. The advantages? Easier loading, higher load capacity and greater flexibility. A further highlight for simplified machine operation will also be presented.

intelliDivide cutting: Cloud-based cutting pattern optimization on demand. For HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG has integrated further features that make processes even simpler and more efficient and improve software handling.

Automation technology

TRANSBOT S-100: TRANSBOT connects the processing steps in the production workflow flexibly and fully automatically, from manually operated individual machines to automated processing centers. HOMAG will be presenting the TRANSBOT Basic solution as an entry-level solution at HOLZ-HANDWERK. This technology enables automatic transport between fixed points. A higher-level control system is not needed and the solution is extremely easy to operate.


LOOPTEQ O-300: The perfect addition to single-sided edge banding machines, the LOOPTEQ O-300 makes the production process more efficient. Thanks to cost-effective single-person operation, manual parts handling is minimized and particularly ergonomic. Automating edge processing is essential for boosting efficiency and worthwhile for any company.


CABTEQ S-250: The ideal assembly assistant for pressing cabinet furniture is particularly space-saving. It is easy to operate and requires no prior knowledge.


PAQTEQ C-250: This cardboard cutting machine enables individual, customized cardboard packaging for a product—just in time—for optimal product protection. Measuring just 1500 mm wide, the PAQTEQ (to be demonstrated at the upcoming HOLZ-HANDWERK fair) fits in every workshop. The data is provided via various input options, from manual input to an automatic 3D scan via the 3D scanner (to be presented at the trade fair).

Surface processing

Planing: HOMAG is presenting a new solution for window manufacturing and the subsequent processing of glass fixing rails. A visualization of the production steps for the window profiles in the "ProfileCenter" also makes operation easier. It's now even possible to measure tool contours automatically using "Tool Master Wood," thus enabling tool data to be continuously updated for management purposes.

Sanding: The 15.6" touch display now ensures easy, ergonomic operation in the entry-level range (SANDTEQ W-100 and W-200 series) as well. The SANDTEQ W-100 RC Advanced Finish for easy entry-level varnish sanding will be demonstrated too.


Painting: The SPRAYTEQ S-100 now has additional properties for easy glass painting.

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