Postforming innovation from HOLZMA: Vertical scoring for straight edges in the package

Precise, clean, no chipping: HOLZMA postforming solutions meet exacting requirements – for cutting conventional rounded edges on kitchen worktops or furniture fronts, for example. But, nowadays, straight edges are increasingly in demand in this sector. HOLZMA identified this trend at an early stage and, as the first and only manufacturer to date, it developed a particularly efficient technique for vertical postforming. The vertical scoring saw (VVS) blade vertically scores all the edges in a book of panels in one go – to a depth of up to 15 mm and without changing the saw blade.

The technology, which was introduced and patented in 2010, functions with a saw blade projection of up to 90 mm and is particularly suited to the production of straight veneer, paper and ABS edges. From the saw station, the unit vertically scores the entire book edge from top to bottom. Using the CADmatic machine control system and the "material-dependent parameters" module, HOLZMA provides a familiar, efficient solution for setting the required penetration depth of up to 15 mm: Just as for the conventional ascending softforming/postforming unit (VVSH), the parameters for all materials saved in the software can be automatically set by a simple mouseclick for the vertical postforming saw (VVS) too.  

In addition, vertical postforming is particularly cost-effective and simple to use, as HOLZMA uses the normal scoring saw to process the edges. As such, the saw blade doesn't need to be changed and the VVS unit is always ready to use. "This technology sets new standards in terms of accuracy too," emphasizes Martin Kress, HOLZMA Product Manager. "The motorized lift allows for postforming cuts with unprecedented precision on straight edges, because the starting point is very clearly defined." 

Impressive precision is also guaranteed by the long-established, conventional cutting technology for postforming (VVSH). The reasons: Even for soft-/postforming cuts, HOLZMA only uses two saw blades – so only two units need to be coordinated, namely the postforming blade to the main saw blade. The saw blade is easy to change: The Power-Loc quick-release system provides a rapid change, the optional camera-controlled scoring saw adjustment automatically adjusts the saw blades quickly and precisely – without time-consuming, energy-intensive and material-intensive alignment cuts. Cutting of postforming parts can begin immediately. Martin Kress: "Many other suppliers have three saw blades to coordinate, namely the main, scoring and soft-/postforming saw blades. In my opinion, achieving precision with three blades is much more complex than it is at HOLZMA.

Whether VVS or VVSH, with or without a saw blade change," concludes Martin Kress, "thanks to our innovative cutting techniques for postforming, the client always has the choice and can meet their customers' requirements quickly and cost-effectively".

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