Customer Magazine performance – issue 16 | 2017

Timber framers from all over the world report about their products.

While the timber work sector experiences high economic activity and growth in the past years, it was increasingly difficult to find qualified personnel. Therefore, many companies are asking how they can satisfy an increasing demand quickly while maintaining high quality and thus meet the demands of the market. Smaller businesses of the timber work industry are currently going through a change of generation, which may lead to a change in structure. However, the threshold for these businesses switching to automated element production is high due to the level of investment required. To change this, we have developed the compact and cost-effective multifunction bridge WMS 060 for fast, high-precision, labor-saving preproduction. Furthermore WEINMANN will push the use of robotics in timber work to strengthen it's position as an innovative market leader.


  • Interview with Krzysztof Żebrowski, Nordhus, Poland
  • Press highlights
    Automated production in French timber frame construction - Farizon Charpente
    Cutting and element production in one machine - Josef Lehmann Holzbau AG
    All or nothing - Zimmerei Hamdorf
    German machine technology as the key to success - Blueprint Robotics
    Breaking into new markets: Solid wood for New Zealand - XLam NZ
  • News
    Blow-in technology 4.0: Quantum leap in timber work
    Multifunction bridge WMS 060 - Entry into automated timber frame construction
    Robot technology finding its way into house construction

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