Perfect for dust cuts: New extraction technology dustEx

HOLZMA was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a machine table with air jets throughout. dustEx now offers the next leap forward. This feature is all about technological innovations in dust extraction along the cutting line

  • New combination air jets along the cutting line transport dust and chips specifically towards the right-angled fence – while also retaining their cushioning function for gentle material handling

  • The extraction geometry at the right-angled fence has been further improved – even more dust and chips are now picked up

  • Also recommended: A front and rear dust trap curtain rounds off the dustEx package (only possible at the rear in combination with the pressure beam printer)

This means that dust cuts – the REAL test of any extraction system – no longer need to be feared. For very little extra cost. The new technology is available for selected models of the 3 and 4 series.

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