Panel dividing technology at XYLEXPO 2018: Today's cutting processes – fully automated and networked

From May 8 to 12, HOMAG will be demonstrating at XYLEXPO in Milan how batch size 1 cutting processes can be dealt with more efficiently than ever before: with the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec. This robot cutting cell was previously known by the name HPS 320 flexTec. Its new name and innovative add-on solutions now make it even more attractive. Visitors attending the fair will be able to take a look at it and other new products, particularly in the area of software, live in Hall 3.

New machine design, new product names

In the spring of 2017, the HOMAG Group combined almost all of its existing brands under the single HOMAG name. The primary aim was to make collaboration with customers even more straightforward and efficient. This focused orientation gave rise to the new slogan "YOUR SOLUTION", meaning that the customer and their personal solution is at the heart of everything our employees do.

Now HOMAG is taking the next step: As part of the effort to organize the group's wide product range as clearly as possible for customers around the world, HOMAG will be introducing an overhauled, group-wide brand identity in March. This includes a new, modern machine design across all products and new, consistent and coordinated product names. With this new identity, HOMAG customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec (previously the HPS 320 flexTec) with fully automatic parts destacking

The award-winning cutting cell SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec revolutionizes batch size 1 production by using a robot and has already captivated countless experts. It provides the basis for creating highly flexible cutting patterns and processing them efficiently, is designed specifically for batch size 1 production and operates fully automatically using just one saw – all the handling processes, right down to removing the part from the cell, are dealt with by the robot.

The SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec is available as a stand-alone solution and also with a high level of interlinking, addressing the needs of both the trade and industry.

In 2018, the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec will be demonstrated live at XYLEXPO – equipped with its new option for fully automatic parts destacking onto lifting tables. One great advantage of this new feature is that it even opens up the possibility of periodically unmanned operation for the non-interlinked version.

This is achieved by a newly developed algorithm for the destacking software. Using this software, the robot independently buffers selected parts and creates stacks that are absolutely stable as well as optimized for subsequent stations.

The SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec is optionally available with automatic outfeed via roller conveyors, with lifting tables for automatic destacking in the working range of the robot, or with combinations of the two.

Human-machine interaction redefined

Wolfgang Augsten, Head of the Business Unit Panel Dividing explains: "Up until now, the saw has determined the production sequence, expecting certain actions from the machine operator. We want to reverse this relationship. We want our cutting solutions to react intelligently to the operator and guide them through processing in an optimal way. In my opinion, with our current innovations, we are redefining human-machine interaction in many areas of panel dividing."

An example of this is the fundamentally revised CADmatic machine control unit, which is more strongly oriented on the behavior of the user than ever before.

CADmatic 5 – the ultra-modern saw controller

As of March 2018, almost all HOMAG panel dividing saws will be equipped with the ultra-modern saw control system CADmatic 5. In the new version 5, the high-end software uses innovative powerTouch operation and appealing graphical assistance displays to ensure totally intuitive operation and quick, easy handling. What makes the assistance display so special is that it no longer shows what the machine is currently doing, but thinks from the point of view of the machine operator. They can always see the next work step on the flat screen monitor – until this step has been executed. For even greater ease of operation.

intelliDivide – optimization "software as a service" on tapio basis

From creating cutting patterns to managing tools and retrieving individual material parameters: Intelligent and cleverly networked software solutions are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes along the value chain in the trade. That is why all HOMAG saws with CADmatic 5 are already tapio-ready today!

The option of connecting the saw to the ecosystem "tapio" lays the foundation for the use of innovative, cloud-based high-performance software. HOMAG will also be demonstrating an example of such software at XYLEXPO: intelliDivide. The cloud-based optimization software features significantly higher computing capacities and can therefore swiftly provide the user with several alternative optimization results. Users can then access these alternatives to meet the needs of the situation at hand.

When using intelliDivide, in addition to a purely waste-based result, the operator can also select other alternatives, such as results based on the shortest machine time or the simplest handling – to ideally suit the specific requirements. The high computing power in the cloud ensures that the result, with considerably better key figures, is quickly available.

The benefits:

  • No local hardware required. intelliDivide works independently of the operating system – Internet access is all that is needed
  • Users do not have to worry about maintenance or updates
  • Automatic calculation of various alternatives
  • Easy comparison of optimization results
  • Low-cost introduction to optimization
  • Automatic transfer of the machine configuration (if the saw is connected to tapio)
  • intelliDivide also works without CADmatic 5 and therefore also without the saw being connected to tapio. In this case, the user receives the results on his computer and then transfers them manually to the saw


Parallel to intelliDivide, the locally used optimization software Cut Rite will also continue to be available as usual.

At XYLEXPO 2018 in Milan, visitors will be able to see for themselves, in live demonstrations, in what ways intelliDivide can be used and what possibilities it opens up for users.

It is well worth taking a look.

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