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HOMAG: We are more than just the sum of the parts

Any company seeking success in today's economy must keep an eye on the market, listen to customers and be open to change. The HOMAG Group has taken this to heart and has realigned the company for its customers, suppliers and business partners. This emergence of the "new HOMAG Group" is signaled by a change in brand strategy, a new claim of "YOUR SOLUTION" and a new brand presence.

Change as an opportunity
Since the 1960s, the HOMAG Group has been driving the wood processing industry forwards with innovations and technologies while also shaping the market with help from its customers. Thanks to its clear strategy, the HOMAG Group has developed into a company that covers the entire process chain for the field of wood processing — with 6,000 employees who work hand-in-hand for customers all over the world.

Today, the group is the industry leader in the world market. This was only made possible by the staff looking to the future, continuously developing new innovations and being receptive to change. In recent years in particular, the world around us has been changing at an increasing pace. Globalization, individualization, networking and digitalization are just some of the keywords that illustrate this change.

One product brand: HOMAG
The HOMAG Group sees today's changes as an opportunity, and is now taking the next step: Merging the existing brands into one brand. With the decision to focus on HOMAG as a single strong brand in the future, the company is placing even greater emphasis on the requirements of its customers, suppliers and business partners. This will result in greater clarity in communication and a simpler orientation of the company's product range, for example.

A wealth of advantages for the customer
In future, every machine made by the HOMAG Group will bear the HOMAG logo. Customers around the world may continue to rely on the standard of quality they are used to, even if, for example, their HOLZMA panel dividing saw, BRANDT edge banding machine, WEEKE CNC machine or BÜTFERING grinding machine bears the HOMAG logo in future. This step will provide a wealth of advantages for the customer:

1) One contact in the sales department for all solutions.
A personal HOMAG expert will offer advice on all products and will help the customer to develop their own individual solution

2) One strong development team for innovation power.
By combining development expertise, new solutions will be introduced onto the market faster. The aim of these innovations is always to further the customers' businesses, prepare them for the future and optimize their processes.

3) One strong service team worldwide.
HOMAG service employees draw on solid technical expertise to provide rapid and professional support around the globe.

4) One website for all solutions.
From now on you will find all solutions from HOMAG under one website address. This means that the user benefits from a comprehensive product overview as well as a wealth of customer experience. Find out more at

In association with the change in the brand strategy, the names of the German production companies (legal entities) within the HOMAG Group are being modified accordingly. 

The names of these sites are now as follows:

LocationCurrentlyFROM March 1, 2017
HerzebrockWEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbHHOMAG Bohrsysteme GmbH
HolzbronnHOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbHHOMAG Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH
LemgoBRANDT Katentechnik GmbHHOMAG Kantentechnik GmbH
BarcelonaHOLZMA S.A.HOMAG Machinery Barcelona

The following company names remain the same:

LocationCurrentlyFROM March 1, 2017
Lichtenberg / HemmoorHOMAG Automation GmbHHOMAG Automation GmbH
PfalzgrafenweilerSCHULER Consulting GmbHSCHULER Consulting GmbH
SchopflochHOMAG GmbHHOMAG GmbH
St. Johann-LonsingenWEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbHWEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbH

The new claim: "YOUR SOLUTION"
The term "claim" refers to the long-term and central promise that a particular brand signifies. By appearing as a single brand, the HOMAG Group is making a promise. This promise is based on three core values that employees around the world can identify with:

  • Cooperative
  • Innovative
  • Solution-focused

These core values combine to make the new claim under which HOMAG will be presenting itself in the global market from now on: YOUR SOLUTION

"YOUR SOLUTION": The strategy for the future
For a long time now, the ideal solution for the customer has encompassed much more than selling a single machine, a piece of software, a service or securing customer satisfaction. 

Only those companies that understand the connections within its customers' business and can supply everything needed from a single source are capable of offering companies of all sizes expert advice and the appropriate innovations. This is exactly what makes HOMAG stand out from the crowd. The company develops individual, innovative solutions to help customers around the world drive their businesses forward.

The new motifs that HOMAG is incorporating into its market presence demonstrate that solutions from HOMAG contain more than first meets the eye. The moment when a unique HOMAG solution is born out of the customer's requirements and the services provided by HOMAG is something to behold, with machinery and technology appearing to blend effortlessly together with the utmost transparency and superior quality, down to the smallest detail.
The focus here is always on HOMAG's new central message: "YOUR SOLUTION".

Voices from the HOMAG world
"HOMAG has positioned itself as an innovative partner that thinks and deals in solutions. We are pursuing this path with great dedication."
Pekka Paasivaara, CEO at HOMAG Group AG

"It is the holistic approach that makes HOMAG stand out. The HOMAG approach encompasses everything from the consultation phase plus organizing production and networking, through to pinpointing a unique product portfolio — with the corresponding service included of course."
Achim Homeier, Director of Product Management, HOMAG

"Via our single brand, we can work in all business fields more effectively. It means that we can offer our customers best-in-class solutions across all disciplines."
Wolfgang Augsten, Executive Vice President of the Panel Dividing BU, HOMAG

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