New software version: woodWOP 7

Programming made easy

The new version 7 of the woodWOP programming software from the HOMAG Group is heralding a new era in machine-oriented programming. In addition to a host of other new features, woodWOP 7 enables milling paths to be programmed in a completely new way. The software now allows entire surfaces to be selected and calculates the paths automatically. 

woodWOP 7 has been specially designed for flexible programming of 3D individual components and special parts. The new program is easy to learn and use, as CAD/CAM functions are integrated directly.

The new version is the result of a strategic product development process stretching back many years. One milestone involved developing woodWOP on the basis of a completely new data model with integrated CAD core in 2009. As a result, the HOMAG Group enabled workpieces, processing operations and clamping equipment to be shown in 3D. Since 2012, users have been able to implement CAD-style design in woodWOP itself and derive trimming contours automatically. User CAD drawings can also be created directly in woodWOP.
Now, woodWOP 7 lets users generate 3D surfaces and import 3D models via a simple process. Using an expansion module, 3D surfaces can be processed on three, four or five axes, depending on the machine equipment.

The new program version offers another major advantage: If the position and shape of the 3D model are changed, or if the tool data is modified, the affected processing operations are automatically detected and highlighted. This allows the user to see any changes in the program at a glance and make any necessary adjustments. In practice, this means that processing operations do not need to be created from scratch when, for example, a tool has been replaced by a larger one or if it has been grinded. The machine detects the changes and the new milling paths can be calculated at the click of a mouse.

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