New, retrofittable, cost-effective: Easy2Feed

At the fair, HOLZMA launched its new feeding option Easy2Feed for the HPP 250 saw with cutting lengths of 3800 and 4300 mm.

It consists of a scissor lift table, which is integrated in the rear machine table with no additional space requirement, which can deal with panel sizes up to 3100 x 2200 mm and which can be conveniently loaded by fork-lift truck. A roughly one metre wide section of the machine table, with rollers, is retained between the lift table and the right edge of the saw. This means cross cuts with long strips are possible without any problems. If required, the lift table can also be placed in a pit, equipped with rollers, or connected to a side roller track.

The Easy2Feed option is now available at an incredible entry price. The advantage: even in the lower price segment where HOLZMA does not offer any classic single saws with lift table feed (HPL), the customer can now feed panels from the rear ergonomically and fully automatically. And: it can be retrofitted. As such, the saw easily adapts to the operational requirements without the need for extra space – a significant advantage when buying a small single saw. The new feeding system should also soon be available for the HPP 350 and HPP 380.

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