New generation of robot saws

SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec and SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec

It already was the ultimate attraction for visitors at the in-house expo HOMAG Treff 2018 in Holzbronn: the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec. This machine, which was developed concurrently with the SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec, represents an entirely new generation of robot saws because, in addition to automated robot operation, manual use of the saw is still possible. A revolution that allows for highly flexible use of these new saws.
In May, the saw will be live in action in Hannover – for the first time on an international platform. In combination with other machines, the saw will show that it is a real team player.

Tried-and-tested technologies

The new saws are based on technologies that have long proven their worth. The basic machines are, to a large extent, identical to the popular SAWTEQ B-300 and SAWTEQ B-400 single saws, while the integrated robot has already been doing an outstanding job in the fully automated cutting cell SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec.

Optional features for a wide range of processing options

As a result of the new concept, it has been possible to retain almost all the usual processing options. There are a great many optional features for the SAWTEQ B‑300 flexTec and SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec saws, allowing customers to tailor their saw precisely to their needs. For instance, the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec shown at the in-house exhibition was equipped with trim stops and the CADmatic module "material-dependent parameters".

Manual cutting of books

Another advantage of the new saws is that, in manual operation, it is possible to cut books of panels as usual. This gives users maximum flexibility.

Automated batch size 1 cutting processes

At the same time, the new saw generation features a high level of automation, as the robot is used in batch size 1 cutting processes. Thanks to the robot, the new cutting cell can operate unmanned over longer distances, during which time the skilled operators can support other teams that urgently need additional capacity.

Feeding and destacking – the concept is flexible here too

At HOMAG Treff, the saw was fed via a table at the side that was specifically designed for this purpose. The robot fetched the panels as required from there. Alternatively, it was also possible to feed the saw via a lifting table – this option is also ideal for cutting books in manual operation. However, in addition to that, customers can choose from a variety of other feeding options – such as simple feeding using the HBX 150 single-axis portal, or a high-performance connection to a horizontal storage system. The storage system option could also be viewed at the in-house exhibition, in conjunction with a SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec.

Two large lifting tables were available for destacking to pallets, and the robot made impressive and highly intelligent use of them to create stable stacks.  This is possible with the aid of software and specially developed algorithms that have already been tried and tested on the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec. Good to know: in terms of layout and equipment, the variant shown at the in-house exhibition was but one of many. Both the SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec and the SAWTEQ B-400 flexTec are available with up to five lifting tables in various layouts for automatic batch size 1 cutting processes.

The benefits of the new robot saws In robot operation:

  • Highly efficient batch size 1 production with up to 800 parts per shift
  • Low unit costs per part
  • Unmanned operation possible over longer distances
  • Extremely low error rates

In operator operation:

  • Complete operating freedom in the cutting process
  • Maximum flexibility
  • For cutting books or thin panels, for example

intelliDivide – the clever alternative

Computing power and intelligent algorithms can save a great deal of time and money, and not just when cutting the panels. They can also revolutionize cutting pattern optimization with intelliDivide – the software-as-a-service provides optimization on demand.

How does it work? Just upload the parts list online, done. A choice of optimized cutting patterns and entire runs is displayed. Depending on requirements, results can be based on reducing waste, or focus on the shortest production time or the simplest handling. And all without having to invest in software and computing power – directly from the tapio cloud.

intelliDivide benefits at a glance

  • Flexible and mobile: intelliDivide can be used anywhere, anytime via the tapio cloud – on a desktop or any mobile device with Internet access. No matter whether iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS.
  • Zero investment costs, zero hardware costs: intelliDivide is software-as-a-service. Customers pay only for actual usage – no investment in local software, updates or processing cores is necessary.
  • Greatly reduced personnel costs and time requirement: Optimization starts automatically after data has been uploaded. The software always calculates a choice of multiple alternatives. The results require no adjustments and so are immediately ready for the machine.

New HOMAG saws are tapio-ready: the benefit: users no longer need to enter any machine parameters and can apply the optimization results with one simple mouse click.

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