New field of business pools competencies - Software and Consulting

The HOMAG Group has combined its competencies in the areas of consulting and software, and plans to expand these further. To this end, the company has pooled the activities, products and employees of SCHULER Consulting, HOMAG eSOLUTION, and additional HOMAG software units to form the new, independent field of business “HOMAG Consulting and Software”.

This has created one of the world's largest systems houses for consulting and IT solutions for the furniture industry and carpenters, with over 90 employees in the initial phase. The HOMAG Group plans to increase sales and earnings significantly in the new field of business over the next few years.

Uwe Jonas, Vice President and head of the new field of business, explains: "Our customers are increasingly interested in one-stop solutions. This means they no longer buy individual machines or systems and instead opt for the best integrated solution for their individual needs. Consulting and software play an increasingly important role in this. That's why we want to further expand our existing core competencies in the areas of consulting and software, and carve an even stronger international position for ourselves. We are thus demonstrating our ambition to be market, technology and innovation leader by offering integrated solutions for the woodworking industry."

To facilitate sales and service activities for its products, HOMAG Consulting and Software wants to set up an international organization, in close cooperation with the HOMAG Group's existing sales and service companies and partners. Local resources will be used to install regional competence centers for service and support.

Uwe Jonas points out: "Thanks to the interplay of consulting and software and our machines and systems – unique in this industry – we can offer our customers integrated solutions from a single source. We are keen to demonstrate our excellent performance at the LIGNA trade fair in May 2017."

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