New features. Easy handling. The woodCAD|CAM version 2018.

woodCAD|CAM offers optimal work support: from planning and presentation right through to design and production. The continuous improvement of the design software always takes account of the customer requirements and the current market trends, thereby ensuring that the customer receives the greatest possible benefit. The 2018 version focuses on process optimization and user-friendly operation.

To increase efficiency in production, the Production Manager software bundles customer orders into production batches. Cross-order production lists, CNC data, and information for cutting optimization are created automatically and help to optimize the production sequence.

A further highlight is the new collision control. This allows collisions between connectors and between connectors and components to be detected automatically, which means that incorrect designs are avoided and any collisions that are found are marked and reported.

The optimized derivation of the drawing enables single part drawings to be automatically generated as a three-panel projection. View drawings can also be labeled based on rules, and dimensions can be positioned in the drawing.

As part of the introduction of woodCAD|CAM 2018, versions woodCAD|CAM 11 and older versions will lose their update and support authorization. This means that from April 30, 2018, HOMAG Consulting and Software will no longer provide any updates and patches for these versions. Support, however, will continue to be available on request.


Now is a good time for an update to woodCAD|CAM 2018. The sales employees responsible will be happy to provide you with details about the expanded range of options and to create an offer tailored to your individual requirements.

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