More transparency in hybrid cutting

Production simulation on the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec

What does everyday life in your production look like with the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec? How do you support the robot saws in the midst of a shortage of skilled workers? What optimization potential does automated production offer? — We will answer these and other questions with the help of the production simulation for the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec.

Production is simulated based on your parts lists and production data, and the simulation shows you in detail how everyday life in your production would look with the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec. The production preview is optimized for automatic/unmanned cutting or for maximum performance. This gives you transparency about the production times, including possible ghost shifts, necessary operator times, part output per shift, stacks created and much more.

Would you like to know what your production would look like with the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec robot saw? Don't hesitate to contact us. 

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