LIVE.HOMAG: Edge processing: concepts to suit every production level.

Edge banding machines and double-end tenoners

HOMAG edge banding machines will be presented live on Live.HOMAG. They are integrated as cell solutions in different production concepts. The EDGETEQ S-380 series is combined with the LOOPTEQ O-300 return conveyor. The EDGETEQ S-500 features the LOOPTEQ O-600 return conveyor with gantry. The resulting optimized workpiece return flow forms the basis for a lean, efficient production process.

EDGETEQ S-380 with LOOPTEQ O-300: perfect edges.

Sharp and blunt-angled parts, workpieces with longitudinal grooves or with hinge holes, workpiece thicknesses from 8 to 60 mm, sensitive surfaces and much more can all be optimally processed using the edge banding machine at a feed speed of 8 to 18 m/min.

The EDGETEQ S-380 is well-equipped for perfect glue joints thanks to a joint trimming unit, the QA65N application unit and the easy-to-use PUR melting unit 2.5 to 4 kg/h. Post-processing is carried out with the HL61 two-motor snipping unit, the MS40 multi-stage trimming unit, the MF60 multi-function trimming unit, the MZ40 multi-stage profile scraper unit and the finishing units of glue joint scraper, cleaning agent spray unit and buffing unit. The multi-function profile trimming unit with two motors and the flexTrim changing device offers precise adjustment options for perfect corner processing. The K-base function also allows profile trimming of edges on raw panel corners.

The combination with the LOOPTEQ O-300 return conveyor boosts productivity of the edge banding machine and—depending on the size of the workpiece—can achieve an output of 300 to 500 processed parts per shift. The LOOPTEQ O-300 return is ideal for a wide range of parts, from small and light workpieces to large and heavy ones. The units are controlled intuitively, and the parameters are entered using powerTouch – the 24-inch multitouch system.

EDGETEQ S-500 with LOOPTEQ O-600: dimensionally accurate workpieces for discerning customers.

The EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine series boasts the WZ14 workpiece feed system, which was previously only available for higher-level machine series. The extended push catches of the WZ14 guide the workpieces safely below the top roll pressure unit. The moving gantry ensures precise parallel cuts – as a prerequisite to obtain correct angles. This means that even rough-edged workpieces can be processed perfectly.

The EDGETEQ S-500 features a joint trimming unit, which also allows the profiling of MDF by means of the horizontal adjustment. The gluing unit, together with the QA65P application unit, impresses with the program-controlled, automated glue dispensing. This saves time and ensures the production process when there is a large variety of materials and frequent changeovers. The emptying function in the machine simultaneously enables the flexible choice of different adhesive colors or of EVA and PUR.

The three-profile technology can also be used to automatically change between three profiles and chamfer. In addition to short set-up times, reproducible quality at the highest level is achieved on the MF21 multi-trimming unit, the FK3 profile trimming unit and the MN21 multi-scraper blade. Potential shiny marks are prevented by the rolling side tracing on the FK30 profile trimming unit, while the tracing roller can be easily and quickly adjusted during cross processing of items such as postforming panels.

In addition, the SF21 standard trimming unit is also used for grooving, rabbet trimming and profiling. Efficient production in a single throughfeed – without any additional process steps — is guaranteed. In this case, and in all other workflows, possible plastic chips would be interference. This is why the pneumatic chip remover ensures safe and automatic removal of chips, after processing by the profile scraper. Automated control is also the correct term for switching between workpieces with and without protective film: This is ensured by the automated precision adjustment of the tracing on the FA20 Basic glue joint scraper.

The LOOPTEQ O-600 gantry return conveyor, which is part of the EDGETEQ S-500, is multi-talented as a workpiece return and stacking system. Intelligent automation forms the basis for a high-performance, interlinked material flow.
This means that 800 to 1000 parts can be processed per shift. A process-oriented return is realized by the defined rotation when the workpieces are moved. Finished workpieces can be ejected or stacked.

The edge banding machine and the cell are controlled via powerTouch2. The woodCommander software controls the flexible edge sequence in the edge banding machine, while the woodFlex software controls the complete cell with barcode. And the best thing of all? Even though it boasts a wealth of functions, operation remains simple. An increase in productivity is therefore almost self-explanatory.

TENONTEQ D-500: double-end tenoner for furniture production.

The new HOMAG double-end tenoner, TENONTEQ D-500, creates the conditions for assembling furniture with a click system. In this sector, HOMAG utilizes robust and precise machine technology and its many years of experience with click profiles from floor production.

Entry into the world of furniture click system: from floors to furniture.

Assemble furniture quickly and easily — without tools, screws, dowels or fittings: Is this even possible, while retaining a high degree of stability and quality? The solution is the furniture click system, which also allows simple subsequent dismantling.

The concept comes from the flooring sector where click systems have long been established. The Swedish company Välinge is considered a pioneer in click floors and now also offers a click system for furniture construction. For more than 25 years, HOMAG has been developing and constructing machines in several performance classes for sophisticated floor-click profiles and working together with all the licensors of click profiles. Therefore, the obvious thing to do was develop a corresponding machine for furniture.

The double-end profilers — compact, double-sided format machines — are robust and achieve high levels of performance and manufacturing precision by using perfectly tailored units. At Live.HOMAG,HOMAG will be introducing an entry-level double-end profiler for furniture click profiles and demonstrating the possibilities of this technology in cooperation with Välinge. In addition, HOMAG is familiar with all furniture production processes, offers machines for the entire process chain and can also build double-end profilers for furniture clicks in conjunction with edge banding machines.

The double-end profiler at Live.HOMAG is equipped with joining and groove trimming units as well as a special unit, the inserter, which inserts the plastic springs of the click system into the grooves. The furniture elements, such as floors, side walls, tops and rear walls, being processed with the TENOTEQ D-500 are already formatted or have edges. The TENONTEQ D-500 then profiles and grooves the individual elements, provides them with notches and incorporates the plastic springs. The elements can then be simply connected together, locked using the plastic springs and held together for stability. If necessary, the furniture can be dismantled just as easily.

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