LIVE.HOMAG: Bespoke cardboard boxes - perfect protection in a small space.

Every manufactured product deserves optimum protection, preferably as individually and as tailor-made as possible. This is exactly what the PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard cutting machine makes possible. Companies use it to produce packaging from fanfold corrugated cardboard — all done automatically, in optimum form and at minimal unit costs.

This radically simplifies the packaging process, regardless of the size of the company. HOMAG is now offering the cardboard cutting machine in two versions — in a proven size at a width of 2500 mm and in a shorter version at a width of 1500 mm. Even small businesses with little space can save on packaging costs and materials.

Another advantage is the simple operation of the cardboard cutting machine using powerTouch and the intelliCut controller. In addition, the PAQTEQ C-250 automatically connects to the PAQTEQ shop (, a modern service tool exclusively for users. It takes just a few clicks to easily download packaging designs from here and transfer them directly to the control system. There are currently more than 230 cutting programs with essential performance specifications available. These are visualized directly on the machine in 2D and 3D.

The data is also provided via various input options, from manual input to an automatic 3D scan. Software features such as the automatic recording of consumables and the determination of waste directly on the machine also make life easier. The PAQTEQ C‑250 cardboard cutting machine can be customized and configured to specific requirements. Its equipment can therefore be extended on an individual basis as required at any time.

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