Increasing numbers of carpenters buying online

Happy customers in the HOMAG eShop: Buy today, delivered tomorrow

With effect from HOLZ-HANDWERK, customers and interested parties can order even more new features from the HOMAG Group online in the eShop. In addition to attractive machines—with price and configuration information available online—and many spare parts, the new digital assistants as well as training and service packages are also available directly at

Just as Internet users in the private sphere today order many products via online platforms, customers in the B2B field also want to be able to order easily and quickly. This is regardless of whether they are ordering spare parts or services — or just showing an interest in the machines. The HOMAG eShop was launched at LIGNA 2019; in time for HOLZ-HANDWERK, HOMAG has optimized the performance and user-friendliness even further.

With regard to services, the focus is on customers and their requirements, regardless of whether they want serviceAssist—the tool that lets customers fix problems themselves, quickly and preemptively—serviceRemote (remote service), training sessions or online-workshops. The HOMAG eShop also offers specific services such as "Five-axis spindle maintenance," (package 1 and package 2) "CAM plug-in," "iPackage," maintenance topics, updates and modernization packages.

New HOMAG CUBE and digital product sets for carpenters

The digital HOMAG product sets for entry into the digital workshop are one of the main highlights in the eShop. The sets consist of different combinations of apps, intelligent racks (for self-assembly), including LED strips and label printers, and bring digitalization directly to the carpenter at their workstation. The employees in the workshop therefore get easier workflows and more efficient work steps.

The most important component of any of the sets is the new HOMAG CUBE, which establishes the connection between the digital applications and all other components. In other words, the HOMAG CUBE is the interface between the carpentry workshop and the digital world, with an integrated data flow. And the best thing is: With the HOMAG CUBE, users can install their personal digital assistant easily themselves.

With effect from HOLZ-HANDWERK, the following sets will be available in the shop:

  • "Cutting Production Set": cutting assistant that creates labels for every part directly on the saw (even for circular saws, vertical saws and older machines), with all relevant information and barcode for the CNC and edge banding machine. The waste optimization also saves a significant amount of material.
  • "Edgeband Management Set": edgeband assistant that helps users to find the right edgeband quickly, allowing them to save time and avoid errors. The assistant also shows how many running meters of different edges are still in stock.
  • "Sorting Production Set": sorting assistant that gives users an overview of which furniture parts have already been processed. Users can then sort the parts cabinet by cabinet and prepare them for the bench room, significantly reducing the time lost in searching. The productionManager, the digital job folder, also provides all information (including drawings).

OEE Improvement (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for industrial customers

With HOMAG know-how and the Lean Six Sigma method, the new OEE Improvement analysis and consulting service increases the efficiency of existing production systems. This service is concerned with very good technical availability and excellent performance and quality of the machines. It is precisely these three factors—availability, performance and quality—that are reflected in the OEE key figure. The new OEE Improvement consulting service analyzes all relevant processes in the company and improves customers' overall equipment effectiveness in a sustainable way.

Once they have registered, at, customers can find compatible spare parts, services or consumables online and can order them easily: 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Just two days after an order is placed—or even the very next day with express delivery—the spare parts arrive ready for use. Finding the right spare part is thus even faster and more straightforward. Users can quickly and easily choose compatible spare parts or equipment, find out how much they cost and how long they take to deliver and then place an order directly.

A further advantage is that prospective customers around the globe can view wood processing machines online and select any optional extras to get an initial idea of how much the specification might cost, before submitting specific quotation requests.

The objective of digitalization—that is, the added value for the carpenter—is to increase the efficiency of machines and processes.

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