HOMAG's "Titan the Robot" rocks LIGNA

The LIGNA of superlatives – more visitors, more businesses, more international, and the highlight: "Titan the Robot" and “Networked Production” paving the way to Industry 4.0.

Even with an exhibition area of over 6000 m², the HOMAG Group stand at LIGNA 2015 was almost always packed to bursting with visitors. The stand was especially busy when "Titan the Robot" was presenting the fully networked furniture production concept. The 2.50 meter tall "man of steel" presented the highlight of LIGNA several times each day: over a length of 100 meters, the HOMAG Group was the first exhibitor worldwide to present a batch size 1 production process, from the chipboard to the finished item of furniture, live on an exhibition stand – and what's more, the entire process was fully automated, interlinked and networked.
With "Networked Production", the HOMAG Group simultaneously demonstrated how the focus topic of the exhibition – the entry of Industry 4.0 into furniture production – is already being implemented worldwide by customers today.

The advantages of networking mechanics, electronics and data are clear:

  • Workpiece data only has to be entered once; data is prepared for production via rule-based systems
  • Avoidance of sources of error (manual interventions in production data are no longer necessary)
  • Highly efficient production, maximization of potential
  • Maximum flexibility and a high level of individuality in end products
  • Less scrap, reduced storage areaPaperless production
  • Individual furniture tailored completely to the customer's wishes — at the same cost as mass production

The new PRACTIVE area in HOMAG City in Hall 26, featuring around 30 machines for modern trade businesses, showed that "Networked Production" and the forward-looking topic of "Industry 4.0" are relevant beyond the confines of industrial businesses. The focus was on particularly efficient and sustainable solutions, such as an 80 m² compact workshop or a 200 m² networked workshop, specially designed to meet the needs of carpenters and joiners – because today, networked machines and integrated software are the key to success, particularly in the trade business segment.
In tune with the motto "Growing with the HOMAG Group", HOLZMA targeted emerging trade businesses that want to remain flexible with an entry-level saw and multiple machine configuration options. BRANDT demonstrated trade solutions with airTec zero joints or edge post-processing with multi-level technology (on the edition machines in the standard version). HOMAG demonstrated the zero joint with laserTec, as well as the new Ambition series with innovative profile trimming unit, which enables trade businesses to achieve a new level of quality in edge processing. WEEKE and HOMAG showcased S to XXL CNC technology, for example the BHX 200, which offers greater freedom thanks to new equipment, or individual machines from the Venture BMG 300 series. There was also growing interest for all CNC processing cells with TBA loading or robot automation. Since LIGNA, the MPS 2.0 magnetic pressure beam system has been available from BÜTFERING in the standard version with 12.5 mm workpiece detection.

Visitors were clearly impressed – including long-standing HOMAG Group customer Jochen Nübel, head of industrial engineering at Reichert Holztechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Pfalzgrafenweiler: "We always come to LIGNA in Hanover around Ascension Day. Everybody from the industry meets up there, and you can chat to others from the timber industry – and HOMAG's exhibition stand is an absolute must-see. I have been to LIGNA many times, and every time I see a quantum leap in progress – today, for example, with Industry 4.0 or in the area of energy efficiency. It's really worth coming time and again!"

Over 4000 visitors in the Innovation Center
A 3D cinema, virtual machine and 18 units for the wood processing of the future: more than 4000 visitors got a taste of the future in the Innovation Center. How will the demands placed on furniture change over the next ten years? Which technologies for furniture manufacture will be the key to success for business from industry and trade? In a three-dimensional world and with 3D glasses, the HOMAG Group showed visitors how the global market leader is using the latest technology to develop forward-looking methods. It also demonstrated the possibilities for improvements in quality and efficiency in wood processing.

Sustainable business with ecoPlus
The growing interest in the ecoPlus technologies from the HOMAG Group showed that businesses are becoming more aware of topics such as sustainability and resource efficiency. They allow users to save energy, time, materials and personnel — and thus reduce operating costs sustainably. Around 80,000 tons of CO2 can be saved every year thanks to ecoPlus measures such as standby mode, optimal suction or controlled compressed air consumption.

Visitors from all over the world: From New Zealand to the Sandwich Islands
In total, 96,000 visitors from around 100 countries found their way to Hanover. And the atmosphere around "Titan the Robot" and the technology in HOMAG City was excellent. Of the visitors to the HOMAG Group exhibition stand, around 60% were from outside Germany. In addition to visitors from European countries such as Poland, France, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium and Sweden, there were representatives from the USA, Brazil and Russia. In comparison with the previous LIGNA, the biggest growth was in visitors from Asia, and in particular China.
LIGNA delivered an excellent performance and expanded on its position as the leading industry trade fair worldwide.

And action! Experience LIGNA online
Several film teams were on site at the trade fair and recorded visitors' opinions in interviews. You can watch all of the interviews and see highlights of the trade fair www.youtube.com/homaggroup

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