HOMAG Treff turns 25: Celebrate with more than 25 special edition anniversary models

HOMAG has cause for celebration: This year, the company will host the 25th HOMAG Treff — a quarter of a century of industry conferences, which attract thousands of visitors from all over the world to the Black Forest. The core idea behind Treff is to facilitate intensive, face-to-face exchanges with visitors. The event is all about success and for that, HOMAG would like to say "thank you" — by offering a dazzling array of over 25 machines with impressive features and service at an excellent price. The promotion is running from now until 12/31/2018.

HOMAG has designed the promotional models (which have "Edition25" added to their name) especially for this anniversary and with the requirements of today's customers in mind — with more digitalization, more performance, more service and digital products, for an easy first step towards more modern production. Another advantage: Many products can be produced and delivered at short notice — meaning the user can start manufacturing with the new machine quickly. The Edition25 portfolio includes machines from almost all HOMAG technology areas across the furniture production process chain: Automation solutions, panel dividing saws, machines for CNC processing, edge processing and surface processing, beam processing machines and, of course, the corresponding software. All models offer better performance and excellent value, as well as an attractive digitalization and service package compared to the standard solution for the machine type. In practice, this means:

More digitalization:

All Edition25 models are fully digitalized and tapio-ready.

Helpful apps are already included in all models:

  • "MachineBoard"*: machine data and status in real time
  • "ServiceBoard"*: wireless video diagnostics in real time
  • "DataSave"*: automatic backup of machine data
  • MMR professional: monitoring to optimize production processes

*Currently available in the EU and Switzerland.
(Due to the fast pace of the IT-landscape, the compatibility to the tapio platform is warranted for five years.)

So the user has the nearly unlimited performance of our cloud-based software solutions to increase machine availability.

More performance:

All Edition25 models offer better performance at an attractive price and include a wide range of options. So the user's investment results in a higher production level.

More service:

All Edition25 models receive an warranty extension from 12 to 24 months, and the additional benefits of the Warranty Plus 24 service package.

This includes the following services:

  • Remote service until 6 pm (CET)
  • Replacement parts (except wearing parts)
  • Field service, including travel costs
  • An inspection, including travel costs

For the user, this means the warranty period is extended to 24 months. So servicing is completely covered for an additional year.

Which machines are in the Edition25 range? The answer to this question, along with all further information, can be found on the HOMAG website: www.homag.com/edition25

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