HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH at the Xylexpo 2014

The highlights at the Xylexpo 2014.

Throughfeed technology:
Industrial production in batch size 1:

HOMAG KFL 350 with BARGSTEDT workpiece handling system TFU 220
Rapid changeover between two processes: The HOMAG KFL 350 uses a bar code to determine whether the edge of the next furniture component will be applied using the laserTec method (under patent law in Germany only usable with Rehau edge!) or with conventional hot-melt glue. Specifically for producing small batch sizes, a gap between workpieces of 400 mm is possible at a feed rate of 30 m/min.  
A new jointing trimming unit prepares the workpieces ideally for gluing prior to applying the edges. With a large tool diameter of 150 mm, a long service life is achieved here coupled with minimal tooth feed. At the same time, the modern tool interface guarantees optimum connection between the motor and tool, ensuring reproducible processing quality. 
When edge thicknesses vary within a coil of edging material due to production-related tolerances, the KFL 350 is able to automatically compensate. Continuous measurement of the edge thickness takes place in the gluing unit. The FK31 powerTrim profile trimming unit then ensures the optimum possible trimming result at the edge profile and permits changeover between three different edge profiles.
HOMAG KAL 310: Performance through flexibility
The industry’s most successful edge banding machine in its performance category is the main attraction of the HOMAG edging technology exhibition in the throughfeed technology area in HOMAG City. The workpiece feed system EZ14 and the barcode reader permit industry-scale production, while here the profile trimming unit FK31 powerTrim guarantees as well an extraordinarily high standard of processing quality, in particular also at the workpiece corners. Instead of using a conventional spring damper or pneumatic system, this is achieved using an electronic tracing system which is unique in the marketplace. This system applies a continuous previously programmed tracing force against the workpiece. Profile trimming unit FK31 powerTrim is generally available in two performance categories – for a cyclical output of 20 or 30 workpieces per minute. Optimum finish processing in line with the latest technological standards produces an impressive result conforming to the highest quality standards. The KAL 310 will be presented at the show working in combination with a ZHR 340 return conveyor from LIGMATECH, offering visitors some surprising new features alongside high output, an enormous part spectrum and particularly gentle handling.

Zero joint for an attractive price –airTec: Where there used to be a joint is now a smooth, continuous surface. Nowadays, the quality expectations imposed on woodworking shop production are just as high as for industrial manufacturers. This realization prompted BRANDT and HOMAG to go a step further and present zero joint technology for woodworking shops – also in combination with edge processing with hot melt glue. In this case, the function layer on the edge is reactivated by means of compressed hot air, creating a jointless result.

Growing trend: Solid wood fronts
The increasing volume of solid wood fronts for home furniture increases the need of double -end tenenors. The sizing and profiling machines of HOMAG are sizing, profiling and sanding all four edges in just two pass operations. With a large selection of processing units the operator has nearly unlimited possibilities. Thus even front sides can be easily processed by trimming without tears in simultaneous and opposite movement. Also the rounding of corners at the front and rear edge is possible in pass operation. The perfect finish for small chamfers and radii provide sanding units. Through the double-sided processing high precisely sized and squared workpieces are possible and thus perfectly prepared for a simple and fast assembly.



FKF 200 with new options: For even greater surface and material diversity
With its FKF 200, HOMAG demonstrated an entry-level solution for single-sided lamination and the production of both composite and lightweight panels. First unveiled at the LIGNA 2013, the FKF 200 processes coils, high-gloss sheets and bend-proof cover layer materials such as HDF using throughfeed technology. A special quick-change system permits convenient exchange of the glue application rollers.
An extensive selection of new options permits the FKF 200 to be upgraded with different workpiece cleaning systems, glue monitoring and electronically controlled unwinding stations – to suit individual needs. Another new feature is a combination of support shelf and sheet material equipment designed to simplify handling which can be automated if needed. All in all, the FKF 200 is the optimum solution for flexible, economical processing of wide-ranging different materials.


CNC technology:
Compact, fast, efficient.

BMG 511/V with powerEdge gluing technology
The use of exchangeable gluing technology for the BMG gantry series opens up new scope for edge banding up to an extreme depth of 2,250 mm and rapid processing due to edge snipping without tool change using the MPU 360° drilling and sawing unit.
Operation is made simple and practical by the compact positioning of the gluing unit at the front of the machine. This offers the benefit of direct, rapid access to the 2-slot coil magazine to change the edging, for topping up the hot-melt glue and for servicing the unit.

Inclined edge banding with HOMAG
The powerEdge unit with swivel unit: This solution (patent pending) permits banding of edges at any angle, in any direction and on every side. Straight profiled edges and inclined edges are glued with the utmost simplicity without the need for resetting or retooling. Handle-less fronts, mitred carcases with decorative joint – this unit helps to widen the horizons of furniture design.

Flexible and efficient: Venture 312
With up to 45 tool slots and the three-stage clamping system, the Venture 312 is the right solution when it comes to extreme variety and maximum flexibility.
On just one machine efficient processing of up to 15 windows per shift, no matter which form they have, as well as of doors and plate components, is possible. HOMAG CNC technology: Precise, reliable clamping of workpieces from the smallest sash bar to the biggest upright and transom element, CNC-precise complete processing ready for assembly, free production sequence without time spent in preparation and resetting due to directly accessed large-scale tool changers.

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