HOMAG Group edging technology at the XYLEXPO 2016

Highly flexible and economical: Edge banding machines from BRANDT and HOMAG

From the woodworking shop to industry: BRANDT and HOMAG will be present at the XYLEXPO with three edge banding machines for flexible applications. The BRANDT Highflex machine performance category features an impressive top pressure belt for ultra-precise workpiece transport. For all those aiming to achieve flexible application of PUR, EVA adhesive or zero joint technology with airTec, the BRANDT KDF 860 edition is the ideal answer, while producers requiring the freedom to process wide-ranging different materials will find what they are looking for with the freely configurable KAL 370 profiLine from HOMAG.
Growing with the HOMAG Group: Edge banding machines from the smallest to the biggest.

KDF 860 edition: PUR, EVA adhesive or zero joint with airTec
Whether multiple-stage technology with trimming tool and scraper blade, servo motors for corner processing or full automation of all units: This machine is the perfect choice for discerning customers. For positioning large, heavy components with the utmost simplicity, an air cushion table is located at the machine infeed. High flexibility in terms of edge processing: Any producer wishing to guarantee its customers heat and water-resistant edges will rely on the use of PUR adhesives. With the KDF 860 edition, the manufacture of perfect joints with PUR for kitchens, baths or laboratories is child’s play. An A34 application unit designed specifically for this type of requirement is used in this machine, provides impressive capacity for simple cleaning and rapid glue changeover. An airTec unit for manufacture of the perfect zero joint is also available. This offers users the freedom of choice between edge reactivation using hot air or standard glue application (PUR or EVA) with using a glue roller, eliminating set-up times.

KAL 370 profiLine: Individuality and impressive economy
The performance and equipment of the KAL 370 profiLine edge banding machine can be freely configured. These machines, unveiled for the first time at the LIGNA 2015, provide the answer for furniture producers confronted with growing expectations from the market for ever more material variety. The profiLine edge banding machines are suitable for processing all types of edging, are characterized by innovative technology and high quality and also achieve impressive results in terms of economy. Economical and precise infeed of workpieces is guaranteed using workpiece infeed systems. The modular series offers feed rates of 20, 25 and 30 m/min, and also benefits from a durable design, optimum edge quality, and high flexibility in terms of the choice of units – as well as ensuring a rapid return on investment in practical application.

Profile trimming unit FK31 powerTrim
Alongside the use of a professional gluing process, high edge quality also requires top-quality finish processing. This is where profile trimming unit takes on a key role in improving quality – and in particular the HOMAG Servo profile trimming unit FK31 powerTrim. Drive using modern linear motors enables a program-controlled movement sequence for trimming around the edge band along narrow workpiece surfaces. The reduced mass and centrifugal force compensation ensure stable movement of the trimming tools around the workpiece. Moments of inertia are also reduced due to arrangement of the trimming tool and tracing roller on a single axis. This results in a number of benefits including a high level of structural stability and reliable guidance of the tracing and trimming tool. Other benefits: Electronic tracing generates a consistent tracing force over the complete contour – irrespective of speed and acceleration. Impairment as a result of mechanical wear to components such as tracing springs or pneumatic cylinders is avoided. To minimize set-up times and to improve productivity, a number of automated processes are possible at the profile trimming unit FK31 powerTrim: Adjustment on three different radii and chamfer, adjustment of the tracing roller diameter, adjustment of tracing force and speed.

Edge thickness compensation for efficient production
To allow a consistent, high standard of processing quality in the event of edge thickness tolerances, the KAL 370 profiLine can be equipped with edge thickness compensation. This measures the edge thickness once per workpiece and automatically carries out vertical and horizontal correction at the multi-trimming unit MF21 Servo, at the profile trimming unit FK31 powerTrim and at the multi-scraper unit  MN21 by means of servo axis: fast, program controlled, precise and with a high degree of repeat accuracy.

Precision starts with the workpiece infeed system
The KAL 370 profiLine can be upgraded to include the EZ14. This workpiece infeed system guides the workpieces automatically and precisely towards the edge banding machine after they have been placed on the air cushion table by the operator and released. A parallel, precisely angled cut is not required. The workpieces are fed in the longitudinal and transverse direction at a precisely defined angle. The EZ14 is ideal for workpieces of different dimensions – in other words batch size 1 processing.

Higher quality through targeted visualization
The KAL 370 profiLine is equipped with powerTouch – the HOMAG Group’s innovative, intuitive machine operating system. Software upgrades enhance quality and save time by supporting operators to correctly feed in workpieces and edging material. Infeed visualization permits a graphic display of the required transport or processing position after identification of the workpiece. This allows faults to be avoided when manually feeding workpieces into automated production cells. Fixed length visualization shows the operator the sequence in which the fixed lengths need to be fed. The sequence of fixed length strips and panel material are coordinated prior to production.

Mobile application ServiceBoard
To be prepared for the worst, the KAL 370 profiLine can be equipped with the mobile application ServiceBoard. Mobile live video diagnostics, online servicing notifications or the online spare part shop eParts offer rapid assistance in case of faults, so saving costs.


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