HOLZMA planning software: Investment security before the system has even been purchased

Planning and investment security is key for customers. This is especially true in industry, where higher levels of investment are generally made. So how do we guarantee that a new system will meet the customer's requirements once it is in operation? The solution is intelligent HOLZMA software, such as the Batch Generation Tool, Dynamic Simulation and MLO.

The HOLZMA Batch Generation Tool comes into play when drawing up the initial design for a new system. Using existing production data from the client relating to cutting and panel storage, the tool simulates a production sequence – with various batches (production sequences, tours etc.) – over several days or weeks in the same way as it would look on the new system. The HOLZMA team then analyzes the results and simulates different concept variations, as the Batch Generation Tool allows all system components to be dimensioned precisely and the optimum solution for the customer to be generated in advance. There are a wide range of analyses and evaluations available. The factors taken into consideration are the panel storage size and panel sizing plant layout, the plant performance and the size of the sorting and buffer systems. The aim is to produce batches that are as small as possible as this then keeps sorting costs low after cutting.

HOLZMA consultants have been using this software since 2010, particularly for customers who are expanding production or switching to order-based batch size 1 production. In this way, the customer knows what the new system will deliver and has investment security from the outset. 

"We originally developed the Batch Generation Tool as a management tool for our HOLZMA optimization software Cut Rite," reports Arne Mömesheim, Head of Cut Rite at HOLZMA, before adding: "Our programmers have now made it possible for this tool to be used for system planning as well." To do this, the Batch Generation Tool automatically creates several optimization batches from all the components intended for optimization. It determines the optimum batch size, taking into consideration the cutting waste, performance, production sequence (processing, assembly, tour etc.), criteria for "sorting and commissioning" and buffer sizes. The aim is to develop a system concept that uses a minimum production batch to keep interim storage and sorting as low as possible, while at the same time achieving optimum cutting waste and performance values. The result is a minimum inventory in circulation and maximum flexibility during production.

The Batch Generation Tool therefore determines the optimum batch size, meaning it considers a single element within the system planning process. The HOLZMA simulation software, on the other hand, is responsible for the overall system concept and overall performance planning. This software determines the exact cycle times and capacity utilization for all system parts. HOLZMA is then able to simulate all system components quickly and precisely, including store (size), saw (model and version) or parts buffer (capacity), and make plans in line with requirements.

With MLO, the MasterListOptimizer, HOLZMA can also calibrate the different optimization and machine concept requirements to one another. In order to do so, customer-specific parts lists are automatically optimized with various dynamic parameter lists (saw and optimization parameters) in test runs, allowing HOLZMA consultants to determine how best to configure the machine. At the end, the customer knows exactly which sawing equipment will provide the optimum ratio between performance and cutting waste.

"That means the Batch Generation Tool, Dynamic Simulation and MLO complement each other perfectly," explains Volker Kussmaul, Sales Manager of HOLZMA Systems Engineering. "Together, these three software solutions provide us with all the data required to give our customers the highest level of planning security right from the start of the project, as well as determine how best to configure the machine and achieve the lowest possible unit costs."

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