HOLZMA Cut Rite cut optimization: New features for nesting in particular

With the right cut optimization, you can save material, time, and money – both in cutting as well as in nesting. It is therefore even more important that the optimization software is always up to date and always offers the best features. For this reason, HOLZMA is already offering some new functions for version 10 of the Cut Rite optimization software, which was launched in autumn 2015, that should make daily work even easier.

These new functions include new features for working on nesting machines in particular: 

  • Using the CNC/nesting editor, users can post-process cutting patterns or components. 
    The navigation has been improved so that programming is even easier in the future. The new features: The instruction tree is visible at all times. There are also now three different panes on the screen. It is easy to change panes and to re-size them by simply dragging them with the mouse
  • Improved offcut detection during nesting: The somewhat stringent requirements for detecting offcuts during nesting were frequently leading to a higher failure rate. The calculations have now been improved so that more offcuts are produced and the volume of waste is reduced
  • Cut Rite now offers labeling software – and not only for HOLZMA saws, but also for stand-alone solutions or for the WEEKE and HOMAG CNC and nesting machines. For the latter in particular, parts can labeled in the order of their ID numbers or according to their position in the nest, and in future this will be possible fully automatically, too. The nest is displayed on the machine monitor and labeled parts are color-coded
  • One-step division: Thanks to Cut Rite, the tool can remain in the material during the entire division process – there is no need for the tool to be raised between the individual components. This method helps to greatly protect the tool and saves time
  • Direct division: Adjacent parts can be separated immediately with a single trimming action. The time-consuming, energy-intensive and material-intensive process of individually trimming first the one and then the other part is no longer necessary in such cases
  • Tabs: For particularly thin, narrow or small components, you can now generate tabs in the cutting pattern with the help of Cut Rite, meaning that these parts no longer slip
  • Cut Rite can now process .mpr(x) data and is therefore ready to connect to woodWOP 7, the latest CNC programming software from the HOMAG Group  

With the new Cut Rite version, HOLZMA is offering even more new features for all users – regardless of whether they are cutting or nesting: 

  • With immediate effect, 2D codes (pixel codes) can be printed on the label
  • With immediate effect, it is also possible to display average values in the overview lists. This means that customers receive even better Evaluations  

Automatic update

Since October 2015, HOLZMA has been offering all customers the option to automatically update their optimization software with a new update and service contract. But that's not all – The contract also contains the full service scope, including teleservice, i.e. remote access for troubleshooting, plus many other extras. The contract is available from Cut Rite version 10. 

  • Automatic provision of all updates and new versions
  • Support via telephone, email, remote access, etc.
  • Newsletter with additional information about software, events, tips and tricks

Information about the contract is available from the local sales partners or HOLZMA (opti@holzma.de).

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