HOLZ-Handwerk - Eight edge banding machines to cover every requirement

BRANDT and HOMAG will be exhibiting a total of eight edge banding machines across every performance category at the HOLZ-HANDWERK – from small to big, from the woodworking shop to the industrial entry level.

Among the exhibits: HOMAG will be presenting a low-cost overall solution comprising edge banding machine plus return conveyor with stacking function for automated workpiece flow. BRANDT is all set to impress with ultra-precise workpiece transport by top pressure belt – unique among the performance category of edition machines on show.

Highly flexible overall solution:
The all-round edge processing cell. Superb flexibility and outstanding economy: The Ambition 2482 edge banding machine from HOMAG combined with the TFU 521 edition return conveyor is ideally suited for users processing a wide variety of parts and materials – while offering an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio. This Ambition copes with practically any customer requirement with an unprecedented degree of flexibility. The Ambition 2482 produces furniture components with airTec zero joint, but is equally capable of processing solid wood edges or workpieces with different radii with automatic changeover between two profiles and chamfer. To achieve perfect high-gloss parts, components such as the powered top pressure belt and automatic tracing adjustment at the glue joint scraper are used. Automated part flow is taken care of by the TFU 521 edition, which will be on show at the HOLZ-HANDWERK in the form of a low-cost special version. Return conveyor  and stacking unit are combined in one machine, allowing finished workpieces to be ejected or automatically stacked. This is performed by the gantry traverse with width-dependent rotary function. It comes equipped with a newly developed vacuum traverse. The result: gentle handling and low quality costs. The return conveyor is designed for a broad workpiece spectrum of 240x80 mm to 1,200x3,000 mm, and requires no separate machine control system as it is integrated into the edge banding machine’s control system – ensuring everything comes from a single, reliable source.

Multiple-stage technology and perfect handling with the top pressure belt
The edge banding machine KDF 440 edition from BRANDT is a fully equipped machine including multiple-stage technology at the trimming unit and the scraper. Just the job for users who have to process different workpiece radii and so require a high degree of flexibility. Customers can choose between two different radii or flush trimming for the multi-stage trimming unit. With the multi-stage scraper, there are two different radii available. And as the units are equipped with NC axes, everything can be set at the press of a button.
A new feature showcased at this machine is the top pressure belt. The belt ensures full surface contact pressure and is ideally suited for processing workpieces with sensitive surfaces. The belt is a total innovation in this performance category, ensuring optimum workpiece transport through the machine.

Edge processing in all performance categories: from PUR/EVA to airTec

  • Ambition 1120 FC: Here, BRANDT is exhibiting a machine from its highly successful entry level series. A jointing trimming unit prepares the edge, a 2-motor end-trimming unit takes care of the perfect cut. The trimming unit provides impressively simple adjustment between the radius, chamfer and flush trimming unit. The flexible finishing zone features two free spaces which have been equipped for the HOLZ-HANDWERK with a profile scraper with standard quick-change heads and a glue joint scraper. A profile trimming unit is also mounted – for the complete processing of workpieces including corner trimming. The 7" easyTouch control with its clearly arranged graphic display and 20 individually storable programs is available as standard in the Ambition 1100 series machines from 2016 onwards.
  • Ambition 1230 airTec: Since it was unveiled last year, this machine has enjoyed a good deal of sales success. Alongside traditional gluing, the core feature of this machine is the airTec unit (AT10) for producing perfect zero joints, which comes as part of the standard equipment. This unit is designed for the seamless production of zero joints, from the entry level class through to industrial scale manufacture.
  • Highflex 1220: Even in the standard version, this edge banding machine comes equipped with extensive automation features which simplify the work of the operator, saving time and ensuring an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Benefits include pneumatic adjustment of the pressure zone, snipping unit, trimming unit and scraper. The Highflex series machines permit complete workpiece processing.
  • Ambition 1650 airTec: This machine offers the combination of a perfect zero joint, simple handling and complete automation. There is an air cushion table located at the machine infeed which substantially simplifies the insertion of large, heavy parts. The machine is equipped with the airTec unit for perfect zero joints, and the gluing unit for standard glue application (PUR or EVA) using a glue roller. Workpiece corner processing uses a multifunction corner rounding unit with servo motors, making this the ideal solution for processing high-gloss surfaces or lightweight panels. For optimum handling, the machine on show in Nuremberg is fitted with the TFU 140 return conveyor from HOMAG Automation.
  • KDF 860 edition: Whether multiple stage technology at the trimming unit and scraper, servo motors for corner processing or full automation of all units: This is the ideal machine for woodworking shops aiming to enter the world of industrial scale production.
    Particularly anyone wishing to guarantee resistance to the influence of heat and water will gain a decisive advantage here. Perfect joints with PUR for the kitchen, bathroom or laboratory are child's play. To enable rapid changeover between different glue colors or PUR and EVA adhesive, a pre-heating station is available which is capable of accommodating up to three glue application units. Rapid cleaning, discharging or filling with glue is ensured. A pressure tank even permits storage of a glue application unit filled with PUR adhesive for several days.
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