Flexibility and efficiency for individual customer requirements

At LIGNA, HOMAG was demonstrating performance improvement and efficiency as well as maximum flexibility and an even higher level of quality in the production of furniture and construction elements. Highlights include the new KAL 370 edge banding machines and the new Venture series. From individual machines to the perfect surface, HOMAG was showcasing innovative solutions for all trade and industry needs.


NEW! KAL 370 platform for highly flexible edge processing
One platform, numerous options. Just in time for LIGNA, HOMAG presented the new KAL 370 edge banding machines. Based on this new platform, the user has a wide range of options available for edge processing with HOMAG. The new machines are based on the experience gained from selling over 1000 machines (Ambition and KAL 310) and the customer feedback that has come from this.
The result: customized solutions for all trade and industry needs on one optimized platform with price and performance benefits.

  • Ambition series (basis for the new KAL 370 platform): With the Ambition machines, the user benefits from edge banding machines with a fixed configuration and an unbeatable price/performance ratio.
  • KAL 370 profiLine: Here the users can configure the performance and equipment in line with their own requirements. The machines are the response to the increased competition on the market in which today, furniture manufacturers are confronted with a growing diversity of materials. The profiLine edge banding machines are not restricted to specific materials and achieve impressive results in terms of economy and performance.

Ambition series with flexible equipment packages
The edge banding machines of the new Ambition series now offer even more options. Where previously a fully automated changeover from one profile to a chamfer was possible, on some models a fully automated changeover from two profiles and a chamfer is now possible. Various equipment packages are available—such as for gluing solid wood strips of up to 20 mm or for processing nesting parts—that offer the right solution for every application. All machines can be constructed with an empty slot for attaching a grooving unit or belt sanding unit. On request, HOMAG will then deliver the grooving unit or belt sanding unit together with your new Ambition machine.

KAL 370 profiLine series
Optimum results and reduced piece costs – no matter what the edging material
The edge banding machines of the KAL 370 profiLine series achieve top marks in terms of economy and performance – no matter what the material. In view of the growing diversity of materials in the furniture industry and rising cost pressure, the machines of this series are efficient and, most importantly, able to work independently of material type. The modular range scores due to its robust design, flexible processing of all types of material, optimum edge quality and high flexibility in terms of equipment – and provides a rapid payback of investment in practice.

FK30 profiTrim profile trimming unit
New level of quality in edge processing for the trade

In addition to the use of a professional gluing procedure, high edge quality relies on high-quality post-processing. Profile trimming plays a key role in increasing quality — making the new HOMAG FK30 profiTrim profile trimming unit a crucial factor:

Through reduced mass and compensation of the centrifugal force, the trimming tools remain stable as they move around the workpiece, ensuring high processing quality. With the trimming tool and tracer roller arranged on an axis, inertia has also been reduced. The effects include high construction stability and secure guiding of the tracer and trimming tool. This eliminates operating errors and increases quality. There are further advantages, too. Thanks to electronic tracing, a constant tracing force is created over the entire contour — regardless of speed and acceleration. Impairment due to wear on mechanical components, such as the tracer spring or pneumatic cylinder, is avoided. The tracer roller on the FK30 profiTrim can be run with different roller diameters on the front and rear edge. This makes it easy to process post-forming and soft-forming profiles in higher quality with the new FK30 profiTrim profile trimming unit.

In the Innovation Center, HOMAG was demonstrating the SK 30 servo snipping unit, with a servo motor feed drive unit for precise, dynamic cutting with a minimal gap between the workpieces. This adds a further unit to the HOMAG snipping unit module.

New pre-melting unit with reduced energy consumption
In edge banding machines, the pre-melting unit in the gluing section accounts for the lion’s share of energy used. The HOMAG development team has now made significant reductions here: The result: up to 30 % lower compressed air consumption in the new pre-melting unit in the gluing section of industrial machines. With this move, HOMAG has taken a decisive step towards engendering greater awareness for reduced energy consumption in furniture production.

High-tech for flooring production
HOMAG double-end tenoners

 More flexible than ever: Equipped with a polygonal shaft, the throughfeed saw FSL 420 enables minimum cutting widths, ideal for processing highly popular narrow formats. The polygonal shaft drives all the sawing units with just a single motor, eliminating the need for motors and gears for every individual sawing unit. With external servo-motor positioning axes for every unit, a quick change over to other cutting widths is possible while maintaining absolute top performance.
With a click profile on the longitudinal and head side, thanks to a all-round chamfer, narrow flooring elements can now hardly be distinguished from real plank flooring, and are also very easy to lay. The FPR 625 takes care of longitudinal profiling of laminate and parquet, but also of the ever more popular vinyl flooring, at speeds of up to 200 m/min. This is made possible by the newly developed narrow chain



Venture BMG 300: Individuality as standard
Venture CNC processing centers from WEEKE and HOMAG stand for customized technology – from the CNC entry level model through to the high-tech 5-axis processing center or machines with gluing technology. The series flagship, the Venture BMG 300, has now become even more individual – while remaining the gold standard. This gives rise to unlimited scope.

It's really easy! An individual machine in just three steps:

  • Length of the machine: from 3300 mm to 6000 mm
    In the first step, the user selects the correct length for his Venture machine: from the short length M where space is limited, to the large XXL for processing parts of up to 6 m in length or for processing doors and high cupboard side panels in shuttle operation. Regardless of the length, parts with a thickness of up to 1550 mm can be positioned and trimmed.
  • Table: clamping technology and setup aid
    The options range from a universal K table with various clamping systems and setup aids, through automatic positioning consoles for flexible window production, the A table for automation in batch size 1 operation with automatic positioning consoles and platforms, up to the R table, the ideal table for nesting, processing shaped parts, and many other applications.
  • Gantry: selection of the trimming spindle, tool changer, and drilling head
    From the universal basic component for furniture parts and components, through multi-purpose processing with more drilling spindles for efficient panel processing, to high-performance panel processing thanks to a large drilling head with 35 drilling spindles, the machines can be configured flexibly for any application.

At the same time, all HOMAG CNC processing centers are equipped with the latest generation of dust hoods. With optimized capture and discharge of chips, these dust hoods combine improved suction performance with lower air requirement. The energy used to perform sample processing operations has been reduced by up to 30 % – coupled with 25 % improved extraction.

Automatically better
CNC processing cells with robot automation

Enhanced productivity, less strain for operators, optimum care of materials: HOMAG and WEEKE CNC processing centers and HOMAG Automation robot handling have shown you how – live in HOMAG City. The strengths of industrial robots are brought fully to bear when it comes to automating CNC processing cells: Be it the individual configuration of cells with different infeed and discharge stations, flipping and alignment stations or part monitoring. Cell control permits simple operation in series or batch size 1 production. The components are identified by their barcode label using a scanner in the robot traverse, allowing the stack to be configured in random sequence. Use of a robot also takes some of the strain from the operators, leaving them more time to ensure the smooth running of peripheral functions and carry out additional tasks.



HOMAG lamination: FKF 200 with new options
The new professional series FKF 200 comes with a range of new features set to transform the entry-level machine launched in autumn into an automated solution. Surface laminating machine FKF 200 with application roller (hotmelt, PUR) is capable of practically unmanned sheet lamination. A newly developed infeed system is used to align and clean the sheet material (PMMA, HPL etc.) without a feed stop, and feeds it to the ready glued workpiece. Due to the cleaning station, this solution is also ideally suited for high-gloss processing of substrate material.
Also new: The Profi FKF 200 with reacTec nozzle application using the completeLine method. As a result, this method in popular demand in the industrial sector is now economically viable for medium-sized enterprises. In a single work stage, the wide and narrow surfaces are laminated with material off the coil, and the narrow surface finish is completed at an integrated wrapping line and finish processing unit. The integrated double pay-off station allows coil changeover without interruption, enabling continuous production and a high output.

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