First-hand experience: visitors from over 50 countries

From innovative development for individual machines, through intelligent solutions, to trends such as automation and robotics as well as all the important information about "Industry 4.0 and networked production": that's what visitors to the HOMAG and HOLZMA Treff experienced. As usual, the focus was on the latest demands of customers from trade and industry.

A great deal of interest around the globe
The great interest and enthusiasm for the HOMAG Group Treffs was demonstrated by the number of visitors and the amount of orders received. Around 2.800 visitors from all over the world were welcomed in Schopfloch, including countries such as China, Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Finland, and Denmark. There were around 1.800 visitors at HOLZMA. The program of presentations by customers and HOMAG Group experts was also well-attended, as were the workshops on topics such as "Networked production — from sales to machine", as well as the woodWOP user group meeting, with over 50 participants.

Ulrich Schmitz, the Managing Director at HOMAG, was also impressed by the success of the Treffs: "The new Surface Competence Center in Schopfloch, the extraordinary special options for edge processing and the various automation solutions in the CNC area convinced our customers, from the carpentry trade to industry, of our capabilities in terms of innovation and performance once again. The feedback from our customers on the topic of "Industry 4.0 and networked production" was particularly positive. In addition to demonstrating intelligent system concepts live in action, the colleagues from HOMAG Systems and SCHULER Consulting used various means to show how HOMAG Group is active as a life-long partner over the entire product life cycle: from consulting and design, through financing and process optimization, to all-encompassing service. Overall, intensive discussions with customers showed again that the HOMAG Group Treffs are taking on quite a special importance as "industry meeting points."

Technical highlights in Holzbronn and Schopfloch
With the new series 6, HOLZMA showed how easy it is to cut large packages of panels in industrial series production in multi-shift operation. HOLZMA had recently revolutionized cutting in batch size 1 production with the HPS 320 flexTec. After its premiere at LIGNA, this global innovation was in the spotlight again at the HOLZMA Treff — in combination with the HOMAG Automation TLF 211 storage system. In addition to highlights for trade (for example, the new HPP 130 and the new HPP 200), HOLZMA presented the newly updated features of the Cut Rite optimization software.

In the meantime, HOMAG impressed visitors with special options for edge processing. These included the processing of high-precision workpiece corners using a new snipping technology, the manufacture of 45°angled bases and rear wall panels for corner units in throughfeed operation, as well as the processing of shaped parts — also in throughfeed operation.
The edge banding machines of the Ambition series from BRANDT and HOMAG were as popular as ever. Overall, there are now over 5000 Ambition machines on the market. Comparing the sales figures for the first half of 2015 with those from 2014, we can see a 20% increase. The airTec process is a complete success in all performance classes (starting with a feed of 8 m/min).
Visitors who place particular importance on a high-quality surface finish were also impressed by this process.
In the newly opened "Competence Center Surface" visitors now have the opportunity to witness for themselves sanding processing with BÜTFERING, surface lamination with HOMAG laminating machines and even the latest technology in profile casing.
In the CNC domain, it was the new powerProfiler BMB 800/900 in particular that attracted the visitors' attention. Three models were live in action at the HOMAG Treff.

New features and product highlights for trade and industry from BRANDT, BÜTFERING, FRIZ, HOMAG Automation, HOMAG eSOLUTION, SCHULER Consulting, and WEEKE were also represented at both Treffs. The numerous customer commissions that were issued in various performance classes reflected the wide range of skills of the HOMAG Group system specialists — and above all, the confidence of the customers.

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