Experience real added value in practice live. HOMAG at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022

The time has come at last for another trade fair: from July 12 to 15, HOMAG will be presenting innovative solutions for woodworkers at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair in Nuremberg — from the modern workshop through automated furniture production and right up to component production. Another highlight is the digital practice path. At multiple stations, woodworkers will be able to get to know about our digital solutions and experience the benefits they offer in day-to-day operation.

In addition, at Live.HOMAG, you will receive exclusive content on our latest innovations before, during and even after the fair. We would like to briefly present some of these innovations and the various concepts that we have prepared for you at HOLZ-HANDWERK.

Innovations that drive woodworkers forward.

productionManager: Endless paperwork is a thing of the past. Today it's all about the digital job folder.

Many companies work with full order books. The result: lots of data, little transparency — and one central question: How do you keep all employees up to date at all times? The solution to this information jungle: the digital job folder. It gives everyone in the company access to all job data — in real time.

The productionManager web app concentrates information as well as job data in one place and makes the current progress of individual components and articles transparent for all involved. The advantage of the free web-based software is that there is no cumbersome installation required, the software is always up to date and any number of employees can use the application from any Internet-compatible device.

We presented the productionManager for the first time on April 05 — on Live.HOMAG. The presentation is still available there.

DRILLTEQ V-310: The Raumwunder.

The processing center offers more drilling, more grooving and more trimming than ever before. In terms of functionality, the DRILLTEQ V-310 is a real space-saving masterpiece — the solution for maximum performance with minimum space. On its optimally utilized 11 m² (the footprint is even less than 7 m²), woodworkers can even process doors comfortably.

At the same time, the number of options has increased — with up to 45 drilling spindles, two groove saws, one doweling unit and one C axis with unit interface. The resource-saving clamp system is also impressive, featuring no setup time or vacuum use. The patented 8-slot linear changer integrated into the door saves valuable time by opening forwards.

We will present the new vertical processing center to the public for the first time live in Nuremberg. Interested parties can get an exclusive first look at Live.HOMAG. The digital world premiere took place there on April 26.

New software with practical added value.

woodWOP 8: New functions. Infinite possibilities.

The focus of the new version of the HOMAG CNC programming system is the innovative large graphical area, in which the workpiece is displayed in three dimensions. The relevant processing diameters can be entered and realistically displayed in the graphic to program trimming and drilling operations and saw cuts quickly and easily. This makes life much easier in practice.

woodStore 8: Transparent flow of information and material.

If the suction cross rail is the heart of a HOMAG storage system, then woodStore is the brain. The software links order management with job processing, manages materials down to panel waste, analyzes movements, controls material flow and optimizes all material movements. The new version contains many practical functions that bring real benefits to work preparation.

woodCommander 5: Faster, safer and more flexible.

The new software generation for HOMAG edge banding machines is designed to select processing programs and edge material and enables the reliable and fast acquisition of production parameters as well as the workpiece-oriented creation of machine programs.

Concept 1: The optimized workshop

The combination of saw, edge and compact CNC processing center is often the entry point to modern production. At HOLZ-HANDWERK, we will demonstrate that individual components or the entire concept can be integrated into any business in a modular and flexible manner.

Optimized interaction between saw, edge and CNC.

The SAWTEQ B-130 entry-level saw provides companies with even more flexibility and material throughput. If higher performance is required at any time, the saw demonstrates its full performance capability in combination with Power Concept Classic. This means that even more cutting patterns can be processed, which increases the output significantly and allows production peaks to be managed without problems.

The equipment of the EDGETEQ S-300 edge banding machine offers enormous competitive advantages for small and medium-sized businesses — especially when it comes to frequently changing edge thicknesses. The two-profile technology is a world first: it provides more flexibility in processing thanks to the fast, precise change by touch on the control system. Setup times and machine length are shortened, the operation is simplified and cost efficiency is therefore increased.

When it comes to CNC processing, carpenters and joiners benefit from the versatility and performance of the CENTATEQ P-110. The new machine concept is based on compact technology, reduced installation space — chiefly thanks to the absence of protective fences and access-protected mats — and machine-specific handling.

Concept 2: Producing furniture even more efficiently.

High part output and flexibility are just two of the main features of our second concept at HOLZ-HANDWERK. The partially automated cutting in the form of a sawing or nesting system, high-quality, high-performance edge processing as well as innovative, automated CNC technology enable efficient furniture production in batch size 1.

Innovative CNC solutions.

Several processing centers are used in our automated production: as part of this, the CENTATEQ P-210 presents the easyEdge edge banding unit and the A-Flex table for automated and flexible assignment.A real world first is the CENTATEQ N-510 — it redefines nesting and offers comprehensive solutions for efficient working with maximum flexibility. If any interested companies would like to know more in advance, please join us at the exclusive world premiere on Live.HOMAG on May 31.

The perfect supplement for CNC surface processing is the DRILLTEQ D-510 for processing on the front side and edge area of the workpieces. We will also be presenting the DRILLTEQ V-500. In the vertical processing center, the FEEDBOT D-300 six-axis robot takes over the automated parts handling in a small space.

Saw and edge — more flexible than ever.

With its multitude of extras such as materialManager Advanced, Power Concept Premium, dustEX and the Advanced destacking module, the SAWTEQ B-300 represents high material throughput and ergonomics. The coordinated solutions enable a flexible and simple process flow as well as an increased daily output.

Flexibility is also the right keyword for edge processing. The EDGETEQ S-500, with a feed speed of 16–25 m/min, is extremely flexible, highly automated and equipped with state-of-the-art software via woodCommander 5. In combination with the edgeband assistant from HOMAG, production managers maintain a complete overview over the edge material.

Increasingly important: Pressing and protecting.

More and more companies are using a case clamp. Even inexperienced personnel can use the CABTEQ S-250 with ease. The maximum assembly time for each standard cabinet is just one to two minutes. Each product then deserves optimal and tailor-made protection. This is exactly what the PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard cutting machine enables — at a minimum unit cost.

Experience the benefits in Nuremberg.

Whether you produce in batch size 1 or high quantities — our concept ensures you are prepared for the future. After all, in addition to innovative machine solutions, digital assistants and apps are also used to make your life easier — from the work preparation stage through to assembly.

Concept 3: Efficient solid wood processing.

Whether you are a window manufacturer, an ambitious carpenter or in stair construction: the CENTATEQ E-510 is the solution for doors, windows and staircases — from entry level to the automated cell concept. Equipped with the powerEdge Pro Duo unit for shaped edge banding as well as inclined edges, the machine enables many companies to take the next step.

The digital practice path: Experiencing the applications and their benefits.

One route, five subject areas, endless possibilities — that is HOMAG's digital practical path. At the various stations, visitors will be able test out the benefits of the digital assistants and apps on site: in registering user accounts, creating data, organizing workshops, optimizing cutting and using support. This allows carpenters to examine directly how the solutions can help them in practice.

We look forward to seeing you.

We can hardly wait for HOLZ-HANDWERK to start. If you feel the same way, we recommend Live.HOMAG. Nowhere else will you get more trade fair content in a digital format.

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