Entry into automated timber frame construction

Optimized for crafts enterprises - the new multifunction bridge WMS 060: The WEINMANN WMS 060 is the ideal entry-level machine for CNC-controlled house manufacturing. With the multifunction bridge, you will fasten and process the sheathing efficiently and with high accuracy. Furthermore, the machine fully automatically cuts door and window openings as well as recesses for socket outlets and a lot more.

An article from the WEINMANN customer magazine Performance, Version 16/ 2017.
Here you can read the customer magazine Performance online.
Editor: Tamara Brumm


We have developed this multifunction bridge especially for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses producing small quantities. Whether walls, roofs, floors or gables are to be produced - with the WMS 060, the carpenter makes all elements efficiently and with high precision. Various wall structures and materials are machined fast and accurately.
The latest CNC control combined with state-of-the-art technology ensure high machining accuracy. In this way, elements of high dimensional accuracy are produced, which significantly simplifies assembly on site. With WMS 060, you can rely on a solution that offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Production requires less than 90 m²

Since usually there is little space available for smaller companies, the machine is compact, requiring little space. For the production of elements with a length of up to 12 m, the multifunction bridge, including a work table, requires just less than 90 m².
The CAD data generated in the work preparation are automatically transferred to the machine. The operator opens the data record on the machine and starts the processing. By means of the intuitive control system powerTouch, the machine is easy to operate without any special expertise. 
The new developed software tool easyRun offers an important simplification regarding data creation. If required the data can be inserted fast and easy directly at the machine. There is no need for a CAD-system for the production of easy processing like fastening of the sheathing, routing of openings or formatting of the panels. 
The multifunction bridge is equipped with two stapling and nailing units for automated fastening of the sheathing. The machine receives the stapling pattern specified in the CAD, converting them exactly, so the statics of the elements is ensured. With the integrated routing unit, door and window openings as well as socket outlets are cut out of the element. Also circular or curved shapes and bevel cuts are possible due to the fully interpolating machining. Variations in element thickness are tracked and compensated with the aid of the scanning routing unit. Depending on the requirements, a nesting module can also be integrated, which ensures fully automated panel pre-cutting.
The fact that the multifunction bridge is a worthwhile investment especially for smaller enterprises shows both the equipment of the machine and its type of construction. Servo-controlled drives offer an energy-efficient manufacturing process. In addition, the WMS 060 can be combined with each kind of WEINMANN work tables such as a self-assembly table, carpentry table or a roof-floor table. In most cases, even existing workstations are compatible.
Automation of the work processes also improves the logistics in the hall. Walking distances are reduced, material storage is optimized and an ergonomic workflow is achieved. The compact machine design ensures short assembly times and thus a fast production start.


Source image: WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbH

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