Digital products and the "edging step" from small to large

This year, the edge experts at HOMAG have focused intently on digitization and software. At HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch, visitors will find a wide selection of new, digital products, which provide a decisive advantage in everyday work with the edge banding machine or automated system.

At the Holzbronn and Schopfloch sites, visitors to HOMAG Treff can view an extensive portfolio of edge banding machines. HOMAG is presenting all of its machines in the new design, with equipment for various requirements and in various performance classes.
The range includes the following models from the EDGETEQ series: S-200, S-300, S-390, S-500 model 2482, S-500 profiLine with laserTec, S-500 profiLine with O-300 return.

Further information on the individual machines can be found at:


visualAssistant: Mobile help on the machine itselfAll information at your fingertips

The ability to quickly access information about the machine directly during production is now a reality. With the "visualAssistant" assistance system, the machine operator can display all information for the desired machine area with just one simple touch on the tablet. Using "augmented reality", the system recognizes the unit that the operator is using and provides the corresponding documentation as a 3D display. The operator selects the relevant content by touching the tablet and thus receives the information and assistance that allows them to solve smaller problems on their own.

The benefits:

  • Display of documentation
  • Recognition of the machine
  • All data available centrally via tapio
  • Reduction in fault times/setup times, improvement in the workpiece quality and reduction in training expenses

Live at HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch: Demonstration on planing and edge banding machines

"You don't have to spend ages searching — the documentation for the machine is readily available and the operator can access it easily. Just one tap of the finger, and all the information is there. It can be operated virtually without any faults, and it's easy to use too."
Michael Zetzsche,  Head of Control Development BU Edge HOMAG

qualityGuard basic: Preventive quality monitoring on edge banding machines

The quality of workpieces does not always remain constant. Monitoring the quality is often a challenge — particularly if you produce in large quantities. However, this is now changing thanks to "qualityGuard basic". This detection system reports warping of workpieces directly to the employee. The employee receives a report when the quality of the workpieces is slowly deteriorating and when the warping increases from workpiece to workpiece.

If the quality of a workpiece is insufficient, the employee receives an error message before the part reaches the edge banding machine. The system also sends an error message to the machine operator and the part can be removed at this point in the production. This prevents unusable workpieces being processed and rejects being produced.

The prerequisites:

  • Usable on edge banding machines from the EDGETEQ series (from performance class S-500 profiLine) with a preceding HOMAG transport system
  • Connection to the tapio eco system

The benefits:

  • Prompt recognition of quality deviations in workpieces
  • Avoidance of interruptions in production
  • Avoidance of processing of rejects

performanceControl basic: Preventive monitoring of systems performance

When working with interlinked systems in production, you have to make sure that they always produce at full performance. Using the basic version of "performanceControl", HOMAG supports the systems owned by wood-processing businesses and continuously evaluates the data for these businesses in real time. In concrete terms, this means that during the production of each individual workpiece, the system measures whether the workpiece is in the right place at the right time. If the system detects deviations, a warning message is sent to the employee. The advantages: weaknesses are identified quickly and errors are localized. A drop in performance can be detected at an early stage and countermeasures can be introduced, and the number of reject parts is reduced.

The prerequisites:

  • An interlinked system with at least two edge banding machines featuring powerTouch
  • Use of the HOMAG remote service (service hotline)
  • Connection to the tapio eco system

intelliGuide operator assistance System Now available on edge banding machines too

What started with the intelliGuide operator assistance system for panel dividing technology has been adapted by HOMAG for edge banding machines. On edge banding machines, the operator assistance system in the workpiece infeed area shows the operator how they should proceed. This is achieved by the workpiece dimensions being displayed via interactive LED strips. The strips light up in different colors, thereby providing specific handling instructions.

  • White LEDs indicate the workpiece dimensions. This ensures that the operator knows in which direction the workpiece should be inserted.
  • The position of the barcodes is indicated with green LEDs.
  • For edging on multiple sides, the color orange indicates which edge has already been processed.
  • The blue information color appears as soon as there is an error message.

The advantages of intelliGuide:

  • Increased efficiency due to a reduction in the number of missing parts
  • Increase in operating comfort
  • High level of process security

intelliGuide can be seen on the EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine, which is part of the autonomous cell.


New processing package: "Narrow parts"Drawers made easy

Every furniture production process involves special requirements for narrow parts, particularly in the manufacture of the front parts of drawers (e.g. for office and kitchen furniture). Furniture production businesses are now countering this with the new HOMAG narrow parts package for edge banding machines: modified workpiece clamping allows small workpieces up to a length of 280 mm and width of 40 mm to be processed.

The narrow parts package can be used on:

  • Individual machines
  • Tandem lines for longitudinal processing
  • Systems for four-sided edging with a tandem line and double-sided machine

New model for flexible edge processing

For HOMAG Treff, the edge experts from Schopfloch are expanding the model series of the EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine with the 2491 model.
With this machine, you can glue, accurately snip and post-process edges, including rounding front sides. If required, PUR and/or airTec can also be used. Even veneer edges are rounded without any tears thanks to the four-motor profile routing. At the end of the machine, a further unit can be added for warming edges during stress whitening. The different equipment packages allow the 2491 model to be adapted for a number of requirements, and thanks the additional empty slot for adding a grooving unit, the model also offers even greater flexibility. A feed rate of up to 25 m/min enables demand-based productivity for businesses with higher performance targets.

Flexible adhesive processing for a wide variety of applications

Perfect jointing, easy handling, and full automation: this combination of features sets the EDGETEQ S-390 model 1860 E apart and makes it ideally suited to tradesmen with an industrial focus. Its notable features include a feed speed of up to 20 m/min, the ability to process edges up to a thickness of 12 mm (even solid wood), and a belt-type top pressure unit for optimal clamping of workpieces. The full automation of the machine allows for fast, easy adjustment. Supported by the air cushion table at the machine infeed, loading large and heavy workpieces into the machine is easy.

Storing glue? Changing colors? XES 200 service station

In addition to the QA 65 N adhesive application system for using conventional adhesive granulate, the focus here is on processing PUR adhesives. This machine has clear advantages for those who want to ensure resistance to water and heat. PUR adhesive is processed with a pre-melting unit that has a melting capacity of 2.5 kg/hour, thus ensuring that a sufficient quantity of adhesive is supplied at all times. The melting tank can be removed by hand. Changing colors is easy and open PUR drums, for instance, can be stored in the XES 200 service station for several days by creating a vacuum.
The post-processing units that give the edges a flawless appearance—fine router, profile router and scraper—are all multi-level.

The profile router also becomes a multi-level unit

Model 1450 E is the edge banding machine from the EDGETEQ S-300 series that HOMAG added to its portfolio in the spring. At HOMAG Treff, HOMAG is presenting the full range of multi-level units to optimize continuity during production and throughout the entire process.
The multi-level technology is used for fine routers, profile routers and scrapers.
Since the spring, users have benefited from the extended function for corner processing of workpieces. Using a new tool that can be easily enabled during a break in operation turns the profile router into a multi-level unit — allowing the user to change between two profiles. 

Highest edge quality with entry-level solutions

With the EDGETEQ S-200 model 1130 FC edge banding machine, HOMAG is offering a smart new entry-level solution that is specially designed for trade. A joint routing unit prepares the edge to create an optimal joint, while a dual-motor snipping unit performs the perfect cut. The routing unit is impressively easy to adjust. The finishing area has three units that are equipped with a profile scraper with standard quick-change heads, a glue joint scraper, and a buffing unit. In addition, there is a profile routing unit for the complete processing of workpieces, including corner processing. It is rare to find three post-processing units in the finishing area combined with a profile router in this performance class. This integrated equipment guarantees full flexibility in the post-processing of workpieces.

Alongside the machine's extensive unit equipment, automations of the units are also available on this exhibit.

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