"Design meets digital"– We’re giving a face to the digital future.

For the first time, HOMAG will be showing itself in a completely different light. With a new, modern machine design, new, consistent and coordinated product names as well as tapio-ready machines for the journey into the digital future.

HOMAG is staying one step ahead of the market in order to be able to provide optimal support to companies who operate in the woodworking trade as they move into the future. Visitors will be able to see how this will work from March 21–24 at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair, hall 10.0.
At the same time, the trade fair will be a historic moment for HOMAG:
for the first time, HOMAG will be showing itself in a completely different light. With a new, modern machine design, new, consistent and coordinated product names as well as tapio-ready machines for the journey into the digital future.

The new generation of HOMAG machines

In line with the motto "Design meets digital", HOMAG has designed all the machines to be even more intuitive and unique for users. Operating the machine will become a unique experience thanks to the progressive, function-oriented design, and the innovative power of the operating system used by the machine will become even more apparent. Furthermore, the machines and systems can now easily and quickly be connected to the tapio ecosystem.

HOMAG has also given the product names a clearer structure: from now on, the name of each machine will clearly state its function. For example, visitors at HOLZ-HANDWERK can find HOMAG edge banding machines under the name EDGETEQ, and machines using saw technology are all now named SAWTEQ.

Tour of the exhibition: the digital HOMAG technology platform

In hall 10.0, HOMAG will be exhibiting around 30 machines and cells live in action— demonstrating tapio-ready machines, new digital products, tailor-made software and new services from the global service network.

The "autonomous cell"

It will be live in action at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair as the first fully-autonomous workshop. It consists of two fully-automated cells. These cells are connected by handy tools which work autonomously: Driverless Transport Vehicles (DTVs), which undertake organization of the parts logistics, are being put to use. The "autonomous cell" is able to take full advantage of its flexibility in trade as well as in the industry, and opens up new options for production.

CELL 1: high-tech edging with integrated workpiece handling

The EDGETEQ S-500 edge banding machine (previously KAL 370 profiLine) offers maximum flexibility when combined with the LOOPTEQ O-600 return conveyor (previously TFU 521). The return conveyor and the edge banding machine are interconnected thanks to the woodFlex cell control system.

CELL 2: robot management for the vertical CNC processing machine

Almost 100% uptime, a high degree of repeat accuracy and precise part handling: at HOLZ-HANDWERK, a 6-axis robot will undertake automated parts handling for the DRILLTEQ V-500 vertical processing system (previously BHX 200).

CELL 3: flexible interlinking thanks to driverless transport vehicles

Small, autonomous logistics tools (Driverless Transport Vehicles (DTVs)) connect the two fully-automated cells and supply the drilling cell with finished stacks from the edging cell.

SOFTWARE: the ControllerMES production control system from HOMAG is the key to interconnected communication in the cell. It generally communicates with the individual control system of the automated edge cell and the CNC robot cell, as well as with the control system for the DTV.

Software as a service — intelliDivide

Since LIGNA 2017, tapio has created an open ecosystem for the entire woodworking industry. tapio plays a neutral role in this process and offers a technological, digital base for partners. HOMAG is currently working hard with experts at tapio on new features and apps which should allow the user to get even more out of its production.
The first result will be demonstrated live at HOLZ-HANDWERK: intelliDivide. The "Software as a Service" optimization based on tapio provides users of HOMAG panel dividing saws with significantly higher computing capacity and can therefore provide several variants of optimization results in a short space of time. This means that with intelliDivide, the operator is able to choose from a variety of options, including a result based purely on reducing waste, a result based on the shortest machine run time or on the most simple handling, perfectly adapted to the relevant requirements.

New high-tech solutions for trade

Nowadays, the variety of materials and the individuality of character of furniture are steadily growing, as are the demands on companies operating in the woodworking trade. Committing to the future means automated and digital solutions are increasingly coming into focus and this is because if we want to manufacture in an efficient way in the future, we need to continue to evolve. In this vein, HOMAG will be demonstrating the pertinent high-tech machines at HOLZ-HANDWERK, as well as individually-adaptable, holistic solutions.

Storage and panel dividing technology

New saws with lifting table for trade: a new model will be added to Series 2. Starting from HOLZ-HANDWERK, a saw with lifting table feed will exist alongside the single saw. This allows the saw to be loaded automatically, which is ergonomic and enables even greater performance

The new CADmatic 5 saw control system: Starting from HOLZ-HANDWERK, the SAWTEQ B-130 (previously HPP 130) and Series 2 will feature the modern CADmatic 5 saw control system. The special feature is the assistance display, which thinks in terms of the machine operator. It will always show the next step until it has been carried out — for even more ease of use.

Suction traverse in X geometry: even the smallest of the HOMAG storage systems now provide maximum flexibility when transporting various materials. The reason for this is the STORETEQ S-200 storage system (previously TLF 211) being combined with the ST 71 suction traverse in X geometry.

Edge technology

Edge processing with flexibility³: this year, the edge experts at HOMAG are placing emphasis on three-in-one options. The new 3-profile technology provides fast, automatic and repeat-accuracy switching between three profiles and 20° chamfer. Anyone wishing to switch between edge-gluing processes (PU, EVA, or AirTec invisible-joint technology) in short intervals of time can now operate all three edge-gluing processes on one machine.

Entry-level maximum edge quality: the EDGETEQ S-200 (previously Ambition 1130 FC) is the ideal all-rounder. The combination of joint trimming unit, twin-motor snipping unit, trimming unit and three finishing units is impressive. We are able to automate the units for the first time too.

Surface technology

Spray painting with robots and automation: as a joint venture with our partner MAKOR, HOMAG will be demonstrating the spray robot for the first time in Nuremberg. This applies different amounts of varnish to the edge and surface of the workpiece. In addition, visitors can expect to see a spraying machine from the SPRAYTEQ series (previously GSF 100). Both systems feature the fully automatic loading and unloading station.

Sanding has now become even more economical: you can now get more technology on a smaller budget with the entry-level SANDTEQ W-100 sanding machines (previously SWT 100). Here the user can now choose from five different equipment packages which include current additional selectable features.

LifeCycleServices — count on us: HOMAG is constantly continuing to develop global services for customers. Starting from HOLZ-HANDWERK, the HOMAG Service Team will be offering a number of innovations:

  • HOMAG Warranty Plus — the all-round worry-free package now available worldwide
  • 5-axis technology maintenance at an attractive trade fair price
  • ServiceBoard with new features
  • Updates are now available for intelliGuide Basic, Advanced and Professional
  • New digital services for the journey into the digital future with tapio

ControllerMES production control system — the path to the digital workshop: an optimal production process does not depend on the size of the company. ControllerMES, the production control system from HOMAG, enables an integrated information flow within production and at the same time offers the option of digitalized production planning and organization.

CNC technology & window manufacturing

HOMAG will be exhibiting the most powerful single-portal system of all time: the most powerful single-portal window manufacturing system on the market will be live in action at HOLZ-HANDWERK. The CENTATEQ S-900 (previously BMB 925) has two processing tables and independent units on both portal sites. This means that two completely different parts can be processed independently of each other at the same time. The machine also features double-spindle technology. This means that the flagship processes over 60 units/layer in optimal use.

New: consistent single-piece production for windows

HOMAG is now taking the next step in complete processing of windows, with integrated solutions for single-piece production. How? By combining expertise in planing, CNC and surface technologies. The CENTATEQ S-800/900 series forms the basis. The ideal partner for planing is the MOULDTEQ M-300 (previously LPP 300) with intuitive powerTouch operation and a quick-change system for tools. The glass fixing rail can be detached using six spindles and planed to a finish top and bottom. Machines are used to impregnate or varnish the single window parts for the perfect finish to the surface. Finally, window manufacturers will thus be able to take advantage of tailor-made approaches for ready-to-mount and all-round perfectly-coated parts for windows, regardless of whether 25, 50 or more units are to be produced on a single day.

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