Customer Magazine performance – issue 15 | 2016

Wood: a building material of the future.

At the beginning of 2016, for the first time we will deliver a compact line with technology that could revolutionize timber construction in terms of quality, diversity and flexibility: The fully automated insulation process. Furthermore we would like to increase the appreciation of wood as a construction material. The current climate discussion has also raised awareness to the fact that trees are CO2 storage mediums that extract CO2 from the atmosphere over the long term - in particular as a long-lasting construction material. Another reason for appreciating wood as a construction material is the wide range of options that it offers for the construction of detached houses, multistory buildings, and hybrid buildings - often with positive side effects such as greater protection against earthquakes. Current developments in timber construction for example in USA, Australia and New Zealand show that these issues are increasingly being noticed around the world as the market of timber construction develops very positively.


  • Interview
    with Christian Hess, Holzbau Carpentry Hess, Namibia
    with Antoni Zin, DAN-WOOD, Poland
  • Press highlights
    Sustainable construction is possible
    Beam processing at a day's notice - The "Geroldsauer Mühle" (Weingärtner Holzbau)
    A high degree of prefabrication allwos for top-quality timber frame construction - CCG Ltd.
    Speed and precision over 60 m and beyond - Stephan Holzbau GmbH
  • News
    Better quality and cost efficiency with nesting
    The compact line - a universal tool for the craftman sector
    A quantum leap in isulation automatic blow-in process with bridge and plate

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