Anniversary in-house exhibition: 50 years of HOLZMA – We are Panel Dividing

HOLZMA has come a long way in these 50 years, making a name for itself all over the world. Everyone who cuts panel-shaped materials today knows of the world market leader with ist headquarters in Calw-Holzbronn. Why this is so could be seen at HOLZMA Treff from September 20 to 23, 2016. The 50th anniversary in-house exhibition took place – as did the anniversary itself – in keeping with the motto "We are Panel Dividing". Visitors were able to witness live just what that means: there were many interesting reviews of past developments, and even more interesting insights into the very latest technology from HOLZMA and the HOMAG Group.

New! module45 – for precise bevel cuts on the saw

With its new module45, HOLZMA is striding purposefully towards an even more efficient future for cutting processes. This innovation could be seen for the first time at this year's HOLZMA Treff and immediately gained many fans. What is special about this world's first is that this technological innovation now allows all bevel cuts to be completed directly on the HOLZMA saw. It is fast, simple and angles are continuously adjustable.

There is tremendous potential in this technology, because, whether you are looking at fair booth construction or shop-fitting, at joinery work or interior fittings, bevel cuts are an integral part of everyday life in the woodworking trade. After cutting has been completed on a panel saw, bevel cuts are usually dealt with on a separate sliding table saw. That costs money, takes up space and ties up resources in production, as well as increasing the amount of handling required. Another disadvantage is that material can easily be damaged when it is transported from one machine to another.

module45 will make all these disadvantages a thing of the past! This unit allows bevel cuts to be completed directly on a HOLZMA beam saw. It is now available for many HOLZMA saws of the 1 to 4 series.

The benefits of module45

  • Retrofittable (depending on model and year of manufacture)
  • Low investment costs, high benefits
  • A sliding table saw is no longer required for bevel cuts
  • Simple, extremely ergonomic, one-man Operation
  • Less waste and higher quality thanks to less transport damage as the material remains on the one machine
  • Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio and considerably less expensive than solutions from competitors

See module45 live in action –

Fast, simple, intuitive: the operator assistance system LED

One world premiere is not enough – especially on the 50th anniversary of HOLZMA. For this reason, visitors to HOLZMA Treff were greeted with a second new development: the innovative operator assistance system with LED-assisted operator guidance.

This is how it works: the technology reliably guides the machine operator through the processing steps by means of light signals. The operator intuitively understands what he should do next – without looking at the monitor screen and with no tedious searching or sorting. HOLZMA has passed a previously unattained milestone on the way to ever more intelligent operating systems and, true to its standing as a leading innovator, has yet again positioned itself at the front line of developments. At the same time, this new system is extremely practical for everyday use and is already available for nearly all HOLZMA saws of the 3 and 4 series.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Completely intuitive machine operation
  • Errors are systematically eliminated
  • Speeds up work: the operator no longer slows the saw down, for example by having to search for parts or look at the monitor to find out the next work step
  • Instead, the operator can work through the cutting pattern without once looking at the monitor
  • Flowing, ergonomic processes: saves the operator a lot of unnecessary walking and allows him to concentrate more on his work
  • A change in operators is possible at any time without any problems

Video available: the new operator assistance system LED:


Cut Rite: optimization takes a further step

Efficient processes are very important for production. HOLZMA customers establish a basis for this with Cut Rite. The latest generation of this optimization software – Cut Rite V 10 – has been on the market since HOLZMA Treff 2015. The anniversary saw the launch of version 10.02, boasting many new enhancements that were presented to the public for the first time at the in-house exhibition. New features focus particularly on communication between Cut Rite, the saw and the storage system.

Important new features in brief:

  • Automatic allocation of panels during the optimizing process
  • Improved parameterization for robot-controlled concepts
  • Even more effective nesting of small parts
  • And much more

Cut Rite V 10.02 is expected to be officially available from November onwards.

Important: Anyone who already uses Cut Rite and has a service contract can download the update free of charge. Interested parties can obtain information from their local sales partner or directly from HOLZMA at


Strictly limited: 50 anniversary saws on incredible terms

To mark its anniversary, HOLZMA surprised visitors with a strictly limited offer: 
The German company says thank you with one 4 series saw (HPP 400 or HPL 400) on extra special anniversary terms for each year it has been in business. That makes 50 saws altogether – and not a single one more!

The anniversary offer started on August 1 and will end at the latest on December 31, 2016. The offer is only valid until the 50th anniversary saw has been sold.

Make sure now of an anniversary model of your choice

  • HPP 400 or HPL 400
  • Individual configuration as required
  • Anniversary discount on the total package


What else was there to see at HOLZMA Treff?

An extensive program and special anniversary offers to mark HOLZMA's 50th birthday afforded plenty of opportunities for discussion and enjoyment. There was something there for everyone, young or old, trade visitor or neighbor. Above all, HOLZMA Treff once again provided an ideal setting for customers, partners and machine experts to exchange knowledge and experience. The HOLZMA teams for systems and production lines, software and service were all represented at the in-house exhibition. Of course, there were also HOLZMA machines galore to see, including single saws, the HPS 320 flexTec for modern batch size 1 cutting processes, a saw and storage combination, the latest angular saw units, the HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec and plastics saws from the HOLZMA P series.


PRACTIVE partners from the HOMAG Group

Sister companies from the HOMAG Group also waved the flag at HOLZMA Treff, each showcasing their range of products and services. Good to know: all HOMAG Group machines are, from the start, perfectly compatible and can quickly and easily be combined into complete production lines. A review of the technological highlights on show this year: 

  • BRANDT had again brought a wide array of machines along to Holzbronn. Whatever it was customers were looking for, from entry-level machine to fully automated high-end unit, the right machine was there. The edge banding specialist from Lemgo presented many proven machine solutions, including, for example, multi-stage technology on the trimmer and scraper for flexible change-over, the belt-type top pressure unit for gentle workpiece transport, and glue application systems for universal processing of EVA and PU glues. 
    The highlight from BRANDT was, without doubt, the new airTec system for the perfect zero joint. The aim was less noise and a more efficient use of resources. These were the key issues focused upon in the development, and they were achieved. The noise level during activation of the edging has been reduced considerably. In standby mode, the volume of air discharged comes close to zero. airTec is now only audible during reactivation of the edging. In order to save resources, a new system to heat the air has been developed: a rotation air heater that heats the air and simultaneously stores the warmth for later use. Air consumption could be reduced by optimizing the air flow. Better insulation of the entire unit not only makes for improved heat storage, but also reduces heat build-up in the air surrounding the machine. 
  • There were also two new developments from BÜTFERING on display at HOLZMA Treff. One was the substantially revamped SWT 200 series, which now offers more high tech on a smaller footprint, shorter setup times and improved ease of use. On top of this, the SWT 200 achieves up to 35 percent lower extraction values than its predecessor and is especially easy to operate. The H-head segmented pad with inner chevron belt offers high-quality fine sanding and a degree of flexibility that is unusually high for this performance category. Another new feature is that there are two additional slots for post-processing tools. Also on show was the SWT 300 with powerTouch and Sanding Center for intuitive operation. The huge advantage here is that the Sanding Center allows operators to make all kinds of settings on the machine by touch and gesture control. Operating an SWT has never been easier! 
  • This year, DÜRR took part in the HOLZMA Treff show for the first time, exhibiting products related to all aspects of paint application technology, including manual and automatic spray guns, pumps and spray walls. DÜRR products are the right solution for protective coatings (varnish, waterproofing), decorative coatings (color or varnish), fine finish coatings (e.g. for pianos) and glue application (e.g. edge banding). No matter if it is for a professional joiner, to give his handcrafted masterpiece a special lustre, or for a mass production plant requiring the highest production quality for all manufactured pieces. 
  • Faster processes and improved ergonomics: HOMAG Automation showcased a TLF 211 horizontal storage system in combination with a HOLZMA HPP 300 profiLine panel saw. The precisely matched software guarantees a smooth, highly-efficient production flow, even for batch size 1 production. Another interesting fact is that the TLF 211 creates a continuous vacuum to ensure safe panel transport even for material with structured surfaces. A combination of machines for automatic edge processing, complete with zero joint technology and return conveyor, could also be seen at the exhibition. It consisted of an Ambition 1650 airTec from BRANDT and the BOOMERANG®TFU140 from HOMAG Automation. 
    The furniture, fronts or individual parts that are produced should, of course, be perfectly packed to ensure that they reach the customer undamaged. HOMAG Automation impressively demonstrated how this can be achieved in batch size 1 production, with optimum volume utilization and low unit costs; the solution: a VKS 250 cardboard-cutting machine complete with a 3D volume scanner. The scanner measures length, width and height of every object on a just-in-time basis and transfers the data to the VKS 250, which, at that moment, automatically starts cutting. 
  • With the Venture 114, WEEKE presented real freestyle CNC technology. The new safety technology makes the machine accessible from all sides (360° handling). This new concept has a positive influence on the installation area: safety fences are not needed; the machine does not have to be placed against a wall and the owner can freely choose the installation spot. In addition, less installation space is now required than for the previous model. Workpiece handling and cleaning the machine have become easier. Another advantage: unlike the usual stationary wiring cabinet, the powerTouch operator console can easily be moved and so more freely positioned.
    The Venture 114 can be put into operation in just a day. Another highlight of this machine is the new, optionally available Convenience Package, for which a patent has been filed. This package allows certain functions of the Venture 114 to be controlled by buttons and scanner directly at the machine.
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