All in one: the new HPP 300 multiTec on show live at HOLZMA Treff

Precision up, costs down: The new HPP 300 multiTec drills, routs and cuts facade elements in a single pass.

Companies producing elements for facades, partition walls or concrete shuttering know the problem. Panels have to be cut to size, processed on a CNC machine and then often still need to have holes drilled directly on the building site. Transport paths from one machine to the next are laborious – involving not only a great deal of handling but also the risk of damaging or ruining sensitive parts. This is inefficient, time-consuming and expensive.

The solution: HOLZMA has channeled all the experience it has gained as the world's largest manufacturer of horizontal panel saws into developing a solution that, for the first time ever, allows all these processing steps to be dealt with on just one machine: the HPP 300 multiTec. This new development, which includes a number of innovations for which patents are currently being sought, can cut, rout and drill in a single pass, producing ready-to-assemble elements. This is significantly faster, more ergonomic, more precise and more cost-efficient than the standard practice to date.

With the HPP 300 multiTec, HOLZMA is offering its customers an opportunity to tap entirely new business potential in the construction of facades and partition walls – for instance, by completing complex drilling work far more cheaply than before. In addition, the HPP 300 multiTec speeds up the entire production process, while at the same time production quality improves and operational costs fall. In some cases, it is even possible to dispense with the need for an expensive CNC processing center.


All in one: the new HPP 300 multiTec on show live at HOLZMA Treff

Interested parties will now be able to appraise the potential of this new HOLZMA development live at HOLZMA Treff. The in-house exhibition will be taking place from 23 to 26 September, daily from 9am to 5pm, at HOLZMA's headquarters in Calw-Holzbronn.


How the HPP 300 multiTec benefits users:

  • The panel saw divides panels horizontally. This method is usually far more ergonomic and precise than cutting panels on a vertical saw or a circular saw.
  • The cutting process is fully automated and software controlled. Panels can be better utilized; cutting patterns can be entered in advance; saw parameters can be matched to the material; and much more.
  • multiTec saves users a great deal of time. Ready-to-assemble elements are produced with utmost precision in a single pass. Costly and error-prone drilling operations on the building site are a thing of the past. Repeated handling of the panels is not an issue, as processing on a CNC machine is no longer necessary.
  • Holes are drilled from below, so virtually no dust collects on the fronts. Time-consuming cleaning work can be dispensed with.
  • The HPP 300 multiTec is suitable for almost all panel materials. These include wooden panels and plastic sheets, as well as panels made of plaster, nonferrous metals and composite materials.
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