"A great benefit": HOLZMA donates a kitchen to a local kindergarten

Under the banner of the "HOMAG Group Cares" program, HOLZMA donated the kitchen to a local kindergarten so that it can continue to be admired and make people happy every day after the exhibition.

From cutting, edging and CNC processing to the finished product: at its in-house exhibition HOLZMA demonstrated just what machines from the HOMAG Group are capable of by using the example of a modern kitchen with high-gloss fronts. Under the banner of the "HOMAG Group Cares" program, HOLZMA donated the kitchen to a local kindergarten so that it can continue to be admired and make people happy every day after the exhibition.

HOLZMA produces saws that go into operation all over the world, in small woodworking shops as well as in companies manufacturing furniture on an industrial scale. Furthermore, HOLZMA is a member of the HOMAG Group; this Group includes many other companies that also supply machines and software for woodworking enterprises of all kinds. Products include storage systems, edge banding machines, CNC processing centers and much more. The use of these machines results in high-quality furniture. The edging fits perfectly; the holes are in the right place; glossy surfaces are not scratched.

HOLZMA used the example of a compact kitchen to demonstrate this extremely high standard of manufacturing quality to visitors attending its in-house exhibition HOLZMA Treff in September.

So that the kitchen does not simply remain an exhibit but can really be put to good use, HOLZMA donated the kitchen to a local kindergarten. Kindergarten head teacher Ingrid Rentschler is delighted: "This kitchen will be a great benefit to us. Up to now, we have been cooking in a small, child-height kitchen, and it will be a real blessing for us to be able to stand upright while cooking." This is particularly important because the kitchen is often in use. "We cook every Friday. We try to teach the children the basics of a healthy diet and introduce them to dishes and drinks from foreign countries. Furthermore, we also bake traditional Christmas and Easter cookies, as well as project-orientated goodies."

HOMAG Group CSO Jürgen Köppel, Calw's mayor Ralf Eggert and local mayor Patrick Sekinger took part in the formal presentation, which took place during the evening of the first day of the exhibition.  When Jürgen Koppel finally asked Ingrid Rentschler to join him on the stage, she did not come alone, but was accompanied by many colleagues and even more kindergarten children. HOLZMA guests from all over the world witnessed a scene quite unlike any they had ever experienced at the in-house exhibition: the stage was invaded by some 25 children, all armed with saucepans, chef's hats and vegetables they had modeled themselves and happily singing songs about cooking and vegetables.

As a thank-you for their performance, each child received a sugary treat – and a boisterous group photograph.

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