5,000 m² full of innovations: HOMAG relies on the right solutions

At LIGNA 2019, HOMAG once again completely filled hall 14 with machines, software and technical innovations for wood processing – all live in action.

More Pictures from our exhibition live you will find in our PressKit

As part of the HOMAG claim “YOUR SOLUTION”, HOMAG showcased a wide range of solutions across 5,000 m², all of which help companies large or small to meet the market requirements of today along with the trends of tomorrow. For those who produce construction elements, this year’s new products were presented on an extra large solid wood platform – complemented by everything to do with automation solutions for pre-fabricated housing construction. WEINMANN also exhibited the latest machine technology for house building in Hall 13.
The integrated, comprehensive workshop and cell concepts along with digital features and software solutions attracted a great deal of attention this year.
HOMAG also showcased solutions for a range of requirements:

  • Two new, integrated workshop concepts, specially designed for carpenters and joiners with easy digital assistants and features
  • A fully networked, automated and completely autonomous concept for SMEs
  • A solution for high-performance furniture production at high-speed

Pekka Paasivaara (CEO HOMAG) also confirmed the high level of interest in the sector for digitalization and solutions for the journey toward Industry 4.0:
“At LIGNA 2019, we have made huge strides in digital woodworking. The level of interest in modern technology remains high all around the world. It is simply amazing to meet so many customers from all over the globe, who are focused on specific investment projects. The new solutions appeal to small companies just as much as industrial processors. A positive sign for us all.” 

A strong performance: HOMAG struck a chord with visitors

HOMAG is extremely pleased with the visitor numbers, qualified leads and the order intake generated at the LIGNA trade fair. There was a significant amount of interest in interior fittings and industrial furniture production, particularly in solutions for kitchen and household furniture production. In regard to digital products, visitors were extremely interested in the ServiceBoard and MachineBoard (tapio), in particular.

In total, over 90,000 people from more than 100 countries visited the LIGNA in Hanover. Of those that visited the HOMAG stand, around 61% were international visitors. Austria, Italy and Switzerland accounted for the highest visitor numbers. Numerous groups of visitors from countries such as Spain, France, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, the USA or Asia (most notably India, Thailand, South Korea) also called in at Hall 14 to see HOMAG as they made their way around the trade fair. The quality of the inquiries at the HOMAG stand rose – with visitors spending on average longer there and holding more in-depth conversations compared to previous years.

Simply put, LIGNA, the leading trade fair, was an outstanding success which thoroughly impressed visitors.
A view also supported by Dr. Markus Vöge (EvP Global Sales & Marketing):
"I am more than satisfied with our participation at this trade fair and how our sales team has performed. We impressed visitors with HOMAG innovations and new developments. The HOMAG stand was full, right from the very start. Our InnovationCenter alone received approx. 4,500 visits. As in previous exhibitions it was the target to offer an individual solution for everyone – from our digital assistants to the right software and the matching machine technology. We have overachieved this goal. We are the right partner to help our customers prepare for the future, whether that be in a woodworking shop or in industry.”

Workshop Concepts for Carpenters/Joiners
Step by step: an overall concept built from single parts.

At our stand in Hall 14, HOMAG addressed the central issues affecting woodworking shops and medium-sized businesses:

  • What specific options does digitalization already offer small and medium-sized businesses today?
  • Which easy-to-use assistants and features can support carpenters/joiners in their day-to-day work?
  • How can every business find the right building blocks for their own "workshop of the future"?

At LIGNA, HOMAG addressed these questions by exhibiting clever aids that simplify working life and support work processes using just a few simple steps. There is no need to invest in an entire system; instead, the user can opt for individual machines, smart hardware, software and digital assistants that communicate with each other and integrate these into the business in a way that will benefit most.

TEQtours and live demos: A complete success

HOMAG ran a range of TEQtours, which presented the new, integrated concepts live, to show visitors what the solutions might look like in practice and the advantages they offer in day-to-day working life. The tours took place 12 times each day and were almost completely booked out – in total around 1,500 people took part in the TEQtours, providing further confirmation that visitors are interested in venturing into digitalization and networked and automated production for SMEs.

Three various Concepts in different Performance Classes

  • "Your solution for digital entry":
    At some point, almost every business faces the question of how best to get started. Here, HOMAG presents simple entry-level solutions that allow the user to gain transparency in their production, recognize potential for optimization and improve existing production processes.
  • "Your solution for a networked, digital workshop":
    In this workshop concept, HOMAG demonstrated at LIGNA how every machine is operated by a single employee. The areas of work preparation, machinery and the bench room are organizationally separated from one another. The job data is partially available to machine users in digital form. With digital assistants, the user can now adjust the work processes step-by-step.
  • “Your solution for networked, individual cells”:
    At LIGNA, HOMAG presented processing cells that can be extended on a modular basis — perfect for medium-sized wood-processing businesses. Each cell is already an ideal solution for efficient panel processing. The individual cells are networked via the automated guided vehicles (TRANSBOT), which were first introduced at HOLZ HANDWERK 2018. The ControllerMES production control system takes over higher level control. All of these elements come together to form a fully autonomous and automated production concept for batch size 1 production – from cutting through to fully packed furniture—that can be adjusted variably to suit customer requirements.

Each concept contains different focal points and modules – so each company can put together its own suitable components and digital assistants.

A detailed description of all workshop and cell concepts can be found in our press releases: www.homag.com/pressbox

New features across the board: Surface finishing expertise at LIGNA

Technological developments for surface processing are ongoing at HOMAG. This was also evident at LIGNA 2019: Surface solutions took up a large proportion of the exhibition space at the Hanover trade fair. Machines for surface and profile painting, sanding machines in various performance classes, solid wood profiling as well as the latest developments in laminating were on display. In addition, HOMAG was represented at the Makor stand – HOMAG has cultivated a close and creative partnership with the coating system specialists from Italy for 2 years.
HOMAG presented new technologies and features for all aspects of surface processing, offering users new methods for manufacturing high-quality furniture in an ergonomic, smart and efficient way.

Foundation of the digital printing association „DIPA“
Great interest in Digital Printing

Surface design has an increasing importance for interior fitting-, furniture-, flooring- and related industries, as the demand for individual and premium surfaces is steadily growing. Innovative manufacturers and users of the industry now want to offer solutions for this by launching the Digital Printing Association (DIPA). Besides HOMAG, the founding members of the new association are: MB Digitalprint GmbH & Co. KG, Li&Co AG, Durst Phototechnik AG and Adler-Werk Lackfabrik Johann Berghofer GmbH & Co KG. The main goal of DIPA is to make digital printing as an innovative process available to manufacturers of the above-mentioned industries.
The new association unites experts of all process steps of industrial surface design by using digital printing with companies that already use this technology successfully. The technology partners want to provide access to digital printing to companies that deal with surface design. In the long term it is planned to transfer DIPA into a registered association. As a non-profit organization, it is intended to be open to all interested companies – subject to all preliminary legal reviews.

And action: Experience the LIGNA once again.

During the LIGNA, HOMAG was shooting and producing numerous videos, which will summarize the HOMAG highlights of the LIGNA in a nutshell.

EPISODE 1 / HOMAG Newsflash: Live from the LIGNA 2019!

The topics:

  • InnovationCenter: What will the machine operation of the future look like?
  • Highspeed Furniture Production: High-speed live and through the AR glasses. How do you plan plants today? The Answer: With "Intelligent Virtual Planning (iVP)"!
  • Surface Processing: The complete product portfolio - complemented by smart apps for the machine operator
  • Interview with: Pekka Paasivaara (CEO)

Watch our Newsflash now!

EPISODE 2 / HOMAG Newsflash: Solutions for woodworking shops at LIGNA 2019!

The topics:

  • A tour through a workshop full of opportunities that will make carpenters ready for the future
  • Simple, digital products live in action:
    cabinetCreator: How to plan and design furniture
    productionManager: Tha digital order folder
    productionAssist Edge: Smart edgeband management
    productionAssist Sorting: Part sorting with LED support and scanner glove
    productionAssist Assembly: All information for furniture assembly at a glance
  • New Nesting Solution: The CENTATEQ N-600 can do everything but edges
  • Service – intelliAdviceApp: With this app, the machine operator receives suggestions for troubleshooting that has helped other colleagues too
  • Interview with: Eduard Schiessl (Sales Manager HOMAG Germany)

Watch our Newsflash now!

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