25 years of HOMAG Treff. We're letting the chips fly.

1 TREFF, 4 LOCATIONS, 25 YEARS: For the 25th anniversary of the largest in-house trade fair in the industry, HOMAG has come up with some special features. HOMAG pays tribute to the success of Treff with an Edition program presenting over 25 machines with impressive features and services at an excellent price.

In addition, at the Schopfloch and Holzbronn locations HOMAG is holding special workshops for the first time on current topics affecting the industry. Especially for window customers, the company is organizing a window day on September 27 in Schopfloch, with all kinds of information in the area of high-performance window processing. Also in Schopfloch, the focus this year is on new, digital products for the journey into digitization, as well as new highlights and trends for wood processing in trade and industry.
At the Holzbronn site, the experts in panel dividing technology are celebrating the world premiere of a new cutting concept at this year's HOMAG Treff. With the help of a built-in robot, two new saws will combine autonomous batch size 1 production with the high flexibility of manual cutting (see separate press release entitled "1 world premiere. 3 flexible workshop concepts: HOMAG sets the trends at Treff in Holzbronn").
There has also been lots of activity in the area of surfaces: For the first time, HOMAG is integrating the newly opened Surface CompetenceCenter in Herrenberg into HOMAG Treff (collaboration with IVM Chemicals). Another new inclusion is the production site in Horb am Neckar, where visitors can find out more about plant technology for furniture production (including for China).

All the highlights and further innovations can be seen at
HOMAG Treff from September 25 to 28, daily from 9 am to 5 pm.


  • Holzbronn & Schopfloch: HOMAG Treff
  • Herrenberg: Surface CompetenceCenter
  • Horb am Neckar: Customized plant expertise

Information on how to get there and on all locations of HOMAG Treff at

Edition25: HOMAG celebrates with over 25 promotional models

For the last 25 years thousands of visitors have traveled to Germany's Black Forest in the fall. And that's something HOMAG proud is of! The core idea behind Treff is to facilitate intensive, face-to-face exchanges with visitors. The event is all about success and for that, HOMAG would like to say "thank you" — by offering over 25 machines with impressive features and service at an excellent price. The promotion has already started and runs until 12/31/2018.

  • More future: All Edition25 models are fully digitalized and tapio-ready*. Helpful apps such as MachineBoard (5 years) are already included, so the user has the near-unlimited performance of our cloud-based software solutions to increase machine availability.
  • More technology: All Edition25 models offer better performance at an attractive price and include a wide range of options. This means that the user's investment results in a higher production level.
  • Full service: All Edition25 models receive an extended warranty from 12 to 24 months, and the additional benefits of the Warranty Plus 24 service package.

*Currently available in the EU and Switzerland"

WORLD PREMIERE: Two robot saws for maximum versatility

Automatically efficient. Manually versatile. Fantastically flexible. These three statements perfectly express the strengths of the new HOMAG SAWTEQ B‑300 flexTec and SAWTEQ B‑400 flexTec saws. The brand-new saw concept using robots is making its world premiere at HOMAG Treff in Holzbronn. Interested parties and customers of HOMAG saws have a lot to look forward to.

All details can be found in the separate press text entitled "1 world premiere. 3 flexible workshop concepts: HOMAG sets the trends at Treff in Holzbronn": www.homag.com/treff

Surfaces expertise live in action

Surface CompetenceCenter: Close cooperation between HOMAG and IVM Chemicals

In most cases, extensive test runs are required to determine the correct technology for high-quality wood surface processing. This was the catalyst for HOMAG's current close cooperation with IVM Chemicals GmbH. In the coating specialists' technical center in Herrenberg, machines stand ready throughout the year for testing purposes — live in action. Visitors to HOMAG Treff can take advantage of the opportunity to attend one of the regular live presentations — daily from 9 am to 5 pm during HOMAG Treff.

Everything under one roof: Sanding, priming, intermediate sanding and coating

IVM Chemicals' technical center offers excellent, expert advice on site. Experts from the surfaces teams at HOMAG and DÜRR, application engineers from Croma Lacke and specialists from the research and development laboratories at the IVM Group provide comprehensive, professional and personalized advice. In Herrenberg, application solutions are presented live with numerous opportunities for users to test materials, coating systems of all kinds, machine technology and procedures, as well as how they interact. Among other things, there is a machine from the HOMAG SPRAYTEQ S-100 series in operation — one of the most modern spray coating systems on the market, based on HOMAG's partnership with the renowned brand Makor. Alongside this, the advice center also features a HOMAG SANDTEQ W-200 wide-belt sanding machine. Other highlights include nozzle dryers, UV dryers, roller coating machines and a filler rolling machine — all by Makor. 

"In the Surface CompetenceCenter, you can always find the latest automated developments. With application-oriented live demonstrations of HOMAG coating systems close to our company's site, we are providing the ideal conditions for getting to know the latest technologies."
Josef Zerle, HOMAG Executive Director Surface Processing

New ideas for trade and industry

Flexible concepts for every type of production

At Treff, HOMAG presents five production concepts — from small to large, from simply networked to fully digitized, from manual machine operation through to maximum automation. How can companies expand their production? How does networking work?
HOMAG has combined machines for different concepts. Visitors at Treff will discover new ideas for even more modern and flexible working — from trade to industry.

Concept 1: Workshop for small businesses

The simplest entry level for efficient production: this covers nearly all production steps for interior fitters.

The machines:

  • SAWTEQ B-130: Small entry-level saw for efficient cutting, hardly more expensive than a sliding table saw (check out our promotion: currently with module45 miter cut unit at a discount)
  • EDGETEQ S-240: Entry-level machine for edge banding with initial automation of units
  • CENTATEQ P-110: CNC processing center for routing and drilling with free access on all sides (including 5-axis technology)

Concept 2: Flexible workshop with automated workpiece handling

With this concept, companies take the first step into partially unmanned production. The integrated saw is equipped with a robot, which operates the automatic destacking. The result: high performance with low personnel requirements.

The machines:

  • NEW! SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec: Single saw with lifting table and the option to continue production unmanned for long periods through the use of robots. The brand-new saw concept using robots is making its world premiere at HOMAG Treff in Holzbronn
  • EDGETEQ S-380 profiLine: Edge banding machine with return and full automation
  • DRILLTEQ V-500: Vertical processing center with routing unit for Clamex connections and return system (compact handling concept on 25 m², provides a performance boost of 15%)

Concept 3: Workshop with fully automated individual machines

This takes you even deeper into the world of "automation." For example, it is possible to directly interlink the SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec with the edge banding machine. Parts that do not require edging can be destacked automatically. Production can be operated unmanned over a longer period, because where there is direct interlinking, no stack positions need to be emptied. In short: This is an industrial solution for batch size 1 production for requirements of any kind (including profile parts), which works with minimal personnel involvement.

The machines:

  • SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec: Panel dividing saw with outfeed roller conveyor, two stacking stations and automated parts labeling
  • SAWTEQ B-300: Fully equipped saw for maximum output
  • CENTATEQ N-500: Nesting machine with roller conveyor
  • STORETEQ S-200: The above machines are networked with this intelligent area storage (with flexible universal suction rail ST71). This ensures maximum flexibility from the storage system
  • DRILLTEQ D-500: CNC drilling and dowel driving machine with intelliGuide operator assistance system

Concept 4: The "autonomous cell" (flexibly networked individual machines with TRANSBOT)

For anyone who hasn't seen it live, there's now another chance to do so: the "autonomous cell" is live in action in Schopfloch. It consists of two fully automated cells. These cells are connected by a driverless transport vehicle (TRANSBOT), which organizes all of the parts logistics tasks between the cells. The "autonomous cell" can make full use of its flexibility both in skilled crafts and in industry, in series and in batch size 1 production.

Concept 5: Fully automated furniture production for China

This year, visitors can experience our system expertise for the furniture industry in the new production hall in Horb am Neckar (near HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch). A highly flexible system is on display, which will be used by a Chinese furniture manufacturer following Treff.


All concepts have one thing in common: integrated parts labeling. This part identification allows every part to be clearly assigned during ongoing operation. Moreover it enables easy reproduction in the case of reject parts.


This is where visitors can view the concepts at HOMAG Treff:

  • Concept 1–3: Holzbronn
  • Concept 4: Schopfloch
  • Concept 5: Horb am Neckar

Information on how to get there and on all locations of HOMAG Treff can be found here: www.homag.com/visit-us

New digital products: The journey into the digital future

This year, the HOMAG edge experts in particular have focused strongly on digitization and software. At HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch, visitors will find a wide selection of new, digital products, which provide a decisive advantage in everyday work with the edge banding machine or automated system. This includes the following products:

  • visualAssistant: Mobile help directly at the machine
  • qualityGuard basic: Preventive quality monitoring on edge banding machines
  • performanceControl basic: Preventive monitoring of systems performance
  • intelliGuide operator assistance system: Now also on edge banding machines

All details can be found in the separate press release entitled: "Digital products and the 'edging step' from small to large" at www.homag.com/treff

Use preventive service solutions to your advantage

Preventive service is becoming more and more important. The top priority for Homag is to ensure high levels of availability of machines with low process costs. At HOMAG Treff, the company also presents the services that businesses in trade and industry need:

  • At an attractive trade fair price: 5-axis head maintenance and spindle cooling modernization
  • Modernization XES 200: The compact and mobile pre-heating and cleaning station for application units
  • Preview: intelliServiceNet — the cloud-based remote diagnostics solution
  • ServiceApp intelliAdvice: "Help for self-help"
  • HOMAG Warranty Plus: The all-round worry-free package worldwide and for all series

HOMAG covers all activities in the life cycle of machines and plants: from spare part management through inspections and maintenance, to remote service, modernization and training.

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