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We support carpentries and prefab house manufacturers of all sizes on their way into the future. At the LIGNA, we will show you how we do that: with machines and technologies that will grow with you and enable you to meet individual customer requirements, manufacture superior products using all kinds of material. We will show you custom-made machines in all performance classes, tailored to your requirements and needs.

The following awaits you in hall 13 / booth C18 + D18:


WEINMANN multifunction bridge WMS 060

Especially for the entry into NC-controlled manufacturing of timber frame elements, we have developed the WMS 060 enabling you to fasten and machine the sheathing of wall elements, roof elements, floor and gable elements efficiently and with high accuracy.

WEINMANN carpentry machine WBZ 160 powerSIX

With the WBZ 160 powerSIX you will machine all six sides of the work piece in one processing cycle. Operations like the creation of block house joints or double-sided dovetail connections are performed much faster and easier by you.

HOMAG panel dividing saw HPP 300 multiTec

With the HPP 300 multiTEC you can create facades, partitions or concrete cladding.
The production happens fully automatically in three processing steps: sawing, drilling and milling - all in one pass. This is more efficient, more ergonomic and more cost-effective than production with several machines.

HOMAG CNC processing center BMG 511

With this machine you can manufacture stairs, furniture, windows and doors and lots more.
The BMG 511 is a complete system that guarantees maximum performance and efficiency to meet individual customer requirements. Convince yourself of its versatility and performance.



Blow-in technology 4.0 – fully automated insertion of the insulation

The combination of blow-in plate and multifunction bridge is a completely new feature. Loose insulation materials such as wood fibers, cellulose or mineral wool are automatically blown into your timber frame elements.

Robotics in house construction 

For the first time, a WEINMANN production line was delivered at the beginning of 2017 into which an industrial robot is integrated. Integrated into the frame work station, the robot fully automatically inserts the studs into the frame work structure. Thus, all types of studs are inserted at any angle. This combination of man and machine achieves a degree of flexibility, precision and speed, which so far has not existed in timber construction.


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The following awaits you at the LIGNA in hall 13 / booth C18 + D18