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We accompany carpentry firms and prefabricated housing manufacturers of any size on their journey into the future. We will show you how we do this at LIGNA: with machines and technologies that grow with your business and enable you to meet your customers' exact requirements, create sophisticated products and work with a wide range of materials. We will be presenting customized machines in all performance classes that can be tailored to meet your exact needs and requirements.

This is what you can expect at booth C26 in hall 13:

LIVE IN ACTION: WEINMANN multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill 

The WEINMANN multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill offers an efficient solution for inserting insulation material. The WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill uses an integrated blow-in plate to insert loose insulation material efficiently into the wooden frame components using a fully automated process that is followed by a visual inspection. This enables the cost-effective and environmentally friendly insulation of simple exterior walls, triangular gables, TJI elements and special elements whilst maintaining a high level of quality. The WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill is also equipped with two fastening units and a 12-slot tool changer for fully automated attachment and processing of sheathing, as well as numerous other processes.

Tangible advantages for you:

  • Consistently and verifiably high-quality insulation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Ergonomic workflows and significantly lower dust exposure make workplaces more comfortable to work in
  • Material wastage is reduced, resulting in considerable material savings
  • The machine can be put to a wide variety of uses

Live demo WALLTEQ M-380 insuFill:

Experience the fully automatic insulation process daily at the following times: 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Come along and see for yourself.

Multifunction bridge WALLTEQ M-120 

The WALLTEQ M-120 offers the ideal solution for CNC-controlled production of small batches of elements used in wood frame construction. The multifunction bridge is extremely efficient, especially when producing small quantities. Sheathing is attached to and processed on wall, ceiling, roof and gable elements with a consistently high level of accuracy. The multifunction bridge can be used to quickly and easily create openings for windows, doors and sockets, as well as free-form shapes such as circles, curves and diagonal cuts. The machine not only offers remarkable versatility in use, but also produces parts of a consistently high quality. The WALLTEQ M-120's low procurement costs make it excellent value for money and the perfect entry-level solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses. Furthermore, the multifunction bridge takes up very little space in the production environment — it may be a compact solution, but it offers numerous possibilities.

How you benefit:

  • Easy to integrate into production halls thanks to low space requirements
  • High processing accuracy thanks to CNC technology
  • Entry-level solution with minimal procurement costs for small and medium-sized carpentry firms

Automation solution for prefabricated housing

You will find all the information you need about the latest automation solutions for prefabricated housing at our booth in hall 13 and at the HOMAG booth in hall 14. Fully automated and networked production lines offer maximum prefabrication during production. Innovative technologies, integrated robots and digital modules enable efficient production processes. The production lines are set up so that they can be put to a variety of uses and expanded using modules, making them a future-proof solution.

From frame work production and panelization through to finishing, all process steps are combined in the production line. By using robots, the entire material handling procedure can be automated and the individual processes simplified. The robot grips heavy components and places them in the designated position, taking control of the entire beam installation process for making frame works, for example. The panel positioning process is also optimized by using robots, in that panel materials are automatically placed on the element before being attached and processed by the multifunction bridge. The entire process is fully automated — from feeding in the unprocessed parts to loading the finished elements.

The benefits for you:

  • Maximum prefabrication
  • Simplified handling of components, including heavy ones
  • High productivity thanks to the continuous flow of material

Timber construction 4.0

Software, networking and digitization will play an instrumental role in shaping the prefabricated housing of the future. As a complete system provider, WEINMANN offers fully integrated solutions that drive timber construction forward and bring companies closer to wood work 4.0. This includes software modules that optimize the planning process in production, for example, or even tools that guarantee data exchange between individual machines to ensure a smooth flow of material throughout the production process. Furthermore, all CNC-controlled machines from WEINMANN are tapio-ready, meaning that cloud-based technologies can be used.

Find out more about "digitization in timber construction" at LIGNA.

You can also find detailed information about our solutions in our press preview.

Local experts 

Numerous WEINMANN experts from Sales, Technology, Software and Service will be on hand in hall 13 to discuss any questions you have about our products.

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