Keynote DRILLTEQ V-310 - The Raumwunder!

Maximum carcase processing - minimum footprint

Space is often limited, particularly in the craft trade sector. In order to be able to offer high-quality and individual CNC processing in these limited spaces, HOMAG has fulfilled these market requirements. Despite its minimal footprint of 11 m², the vertical CNC processing center offers more trimming, more drilling and more grooving than ever before.

There have never been such comprehensive solutions for CNC processing on a minimal footprint in this constellation.

Look forward to a variety of highlights which include these.

  • Minimal footprint
  • Extensive equipment and configuration
  • intelliGuide operator support 
  • Setup with 8-fold tool changer integrated in the door
  • Optimized workpiece support
  • New functions such as door processing
  • Sustainable processing

Join us LIVE for the world premiere and take the opportunity afterwards for a Q&A session with HOMAG's product management team.

Vera Zimmermann (Product Management CNC Processing at HOMAG) has overseen the development of the machine and will provide insights into the solutions, ideas and concept behind it.

You can ask questions directly to find out first hand informations about the benefits of the DRILLTEQ V-310 for your company as well.

April, 26 1 - 1:30 p.m. at

Keynote DRILLTEQ V-310 - The Raumwunder!

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Maximum carcase processing - minimum footprint

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