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WEINMANN multi-function bridge WMS 150 setting new benchmarks at WIEHAG

For companies, operating in Europe in the field industrial building and commercial building, or builders of sports facilities, bridges or special constructions, WIEHAG is a well-known name.

With more than 160 years of experience and a workforce of about 300 highly skilled employees and a state-of-the-art production facility, the timber construction enterprise is one of the leading providers for load bearing systems as well as timber roof elements and wall panels in Europe.

Breathtaking projects, such as the New Trade Fair Building in Karlsruhe, are a frequent occurrence for WIEHAG. The use of the WEINMANN multi-function bridge WMS 150 has raised the bar in the matter of roof and wall element production a lot.

The enterprises that cooperate with WIEHAG benefit from the expertise and experience of an internationally operating leading company. The customer receives complete solutions from one source - including planning, construction, production, logistics and installation, as well as roofing with individual roof and wall elements. The rate of pre-fabrication averages 97 percent.

Structural systems for roof constructions with unbeatable span widths, as well as standard roof elements with a length of impressive 22, meters are among the core competencies.

With regard to the dimensions of the respective projects, the company is well-known for its high flexibility. Even projects with an extent of more than 30.000m² can be realized by WIEHAG without any problems.

The changeover - purchase of the WEINMANN multi-function bridge

Until two years ago, WIEHAG had produced big elements with a length of up to 20 meters and a width of 2,5 meters on self-constructed assembly tables. "When we were offered some machines by WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbH in 2010 - machinery that was capable of meeting our requirements in terms of productivity, and, at the same time, offering improved handling and considerably more efficient working, we were rapidly convinced, that it made sense to invest in a multi-function bridge WMS 150" says Alexander Leidorf, WIEHAG product manager of the sector element production.

By buying the new multi-function bridge the leading timber construction enterprise has invested in a modern CNC-controlled machine for fully-automated processing of panel-shaped materials on timber frame constructions. The combination of a 3-table-solution and two additional buffer tables ensures an enormous time saving and increased productivity: "Without the new machines we had produced about 6 elements in two-shift-operation. Today we manufacture about fifteen elements. By now we process between 600m² and 800m² of material per day. This amounts to approx. 120.000 m² per year. And there still is much potential left!" Leidorf adds.

Production flow in the WIEHAG element production

After the investment in the new machines the production process got completely reorganized by WIEHAG. After the manual insertion of the frame work and the applying of the sheathing the multi-function bridge moves over the element, formatting and processing it with the processing units that are attached to the bridge.

The WMS 150 is equipped with a second Y-axis for parallel nailing of the elements, as well as a tool changing unit for 12 tools. Depending on the customer's request, the machine is individually developable. Up to 6 different appliances (for processing units) enable a multitude of machining options at a processing width of up to 4,2 meters.

When the operation is finished, the element gets turned and placed on the receiving table, where insulation materials and installations are installed. After the lengthwise transport to the third table the second sheathing is placed, the formatting and processing happens again. Finally the sheathing on this side gets fixed with the multi-function bridge, too. The fixation of the roof foil happens after the lengthwise transport on one of the two buffer tables.

"By using the new machinery, orders can be calculated easier and we are able to project far ahead" says Leidorf. "Additionally significant cost reductions concerning the manufacturing costs have occurred. Due to the processing accuracy of the WMS 150 elements can be produced much more precise. That is why the quality of our products has considerably increased".

Source: HOLZBAU-Magazin, Issue March 2013

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