2010/03/01   |   Germany

Random storage, order-based production

SANIPA Badmöbel Treuchtlingen GmbH can manufacture a great deal more flexibly and more economically with its new saw-storage combination.

"The trend towards order-based manufacturing drove us to the brink of madness."

Michael Wiesbeck, Technical Project Manager at SANIPA Badmöbel Treuchtlingen GmbH

The bathroom furniture producer SANIPA from Treuchtlingen Wettelsheim has been one of Germany's most reliable partners in the sanitation sector for over 30 years. The company produces and sells high-quality modular furniture for the bathroom – and has recently been working with and for its new partner Villeroy & Boch.

Efficiency meets individuality

Since end customers demand individuality, this requires a wide range of products and designs, in the bathroom furniture sector too. It also means that a company requires a lot of space as well as needing more time for warehousing, resulting in higher costs. In order to become more efficient in all three areas, SANIPA has decided on a saw-storage combination from HOLZMA.

The results speak for themselves! Intelligent processes ensure a constant production flow and reduced delivery times thanks to optimised materials handling. The investments in the HOMAG Automation storage system and the new HPP 380 profiLine panel-sizing saw from HOLZMA have therefore paid for themselves in a remarkably short time frame.


Published in: Holz-Zentralblatt, March 2010. HOLZMA thanks the responsible editor Norbert Schmidt and SANIPA Badmöbel Treuchtlingen GmbH.

Image rights held by HOB/Norbert Schmidt and SANIPA Badmöbel Treuchtlingen GmbH

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