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Process optimization with apps

Everyone is talking about digitisation, but is the wood and furniture industry already that far along?

An article of the trade magazine HK, issue 4/2019. Here you can read the HK Magazine online.

Digitization is on everyone's lips, but is the woodworking and furniture industry ready? Nowadays the fully automatic production lines communicate with each other, thereby avoiding disruption and waiting times. More and more work is being taken over by robots that can do increasingly diverse work. However, is that all? What is the future like? Will it soon be possible to project furniture virtually into the living room via VR glasses and have it delivered by a drone? Will it soon be possible to monitor your machine park via your smartphone or smartwatch and intervene immediately in the event of disruptions? Will the tablet be an important component of production in the future, even in small carpentry shops? Some of this is already possible! We have compiled 10 apps for augmented reality, time recording, project management, CRM, ERP and MES systems that are ideally suited for the woodworking and furniture industry.

Stilwerk AR

With this augmented reality app, furniture can be projected into the room via the smartphone or tablet camera. The furniture is automatically scaled to size and can be viewed from all sides. The app offers a selection of furniture and furnishings from the brands Tobias Grau, Bretz, Wittmann, Swarovski and is impressive with its high resolution and sharpness of detail.


Time tracking for companies is essential to create accurate payroll and customer invoices. In order to optimize the processes through a more accurate personal planning, time recording can also serve as support. The time tracking app TimeTrack offers a fully configurable time tracking function with a timestamp option where times can be tracked live or be added later. In this app, you can create tabs for customers and assign them to projects and activities so you keep track of the hours worked. In addition, you can create PDF invoices directly from the app.


The smart Manufacturing Execution System (MES) application from MPDV combines the production terminal time recording functions with the MES system called HYDRA. The MES is responsible for the production control and is directly connected to the operating processes and enables real-time production feedback. In addition, MES data is captured by manufacturing processes, which can be used to optimize processes and detect errors in the production process.

Tapio ServiceBoard

The Tapio ServiceBoard is part of the Tapio ecosystem, which combines the know-how of mechanical engineering, service, software and consulting for companies of all sizes through an IoT platform (Internet of Things). With the ServiceBoard, service cases for machines can be reduced to minimum effort. The service monitoring provides a simple overview of all service cases, maintenance statuses as well as disruption times. The app can also be used to directly contact the right service partners, with that the video diagnosis and screen sharing functions can help to find occurring problems. With this app, issues in the production can be detected early and the risk of machine failure significantly reduced.

HOMAG intelli- Serie

The intelli-series from HOMAG offer digital support for various production topics. The HOMAG Group has developed four apps under the names intelliCoating, intelliLaminating, intelliSanding and intelliMoulding, which offer tailor-made assistance in the areas of painting, laminating, sanding and planing. These apps minimize errors, make production more efficient, and unlock new potential for optimization.

FELDER GROUP Woodworking

The app of the woodworking machine manufacturer Felder represents the complete product catalog of the brand FELDER, FORMAT-4 and Hammer. Besides the diverse machine catalog, the app also offers a variety of useful tools that can help the woodworkers on the production floor. The app contains a calculator for the cutting speed, wrong miter calculator, remaining edge banding length material calculator, weight calculator for panel material, golden ratio calculator, wood loss calculator, and tooth step calculator. In addition, Felder offers direct customer service through the app.

Baustelle 4.0

In order to keep track of the progress at the construction site the German company Datengut developed an app for the construction site. With Baustelle 4.0 it is possible to have all the relevant information on the smartphone or tablet. The app makes it possible to store all project-related information such as blueprints and photos of status updates on the platform. Furthermore, it is possible to run a digital construction diary, write production site reports, and have them signed directly on the tablet and send to the right colleagues. All this information can be synchronized with the online storage platform.


Typhoon is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to manage customer relationships. The app provides a platform for storing addresses, contact information and makes it possible to link these to the calendar. In addition, the app offers an article and employee management function. With Taifun you are always up to date and well prepared for the customer’s appointment.

SAP Business One

SAP offers an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for small businesses that lets users stay informed of business transactions, view reports, manage contacts, and perform sales and service activities. The dashboard provides a good overview of all important information and is freely configurable. Here it must be mentioned that the back-end system Business One from SAP is required to use the app.


Trello is a project management tool that helps to break down large projects into small steps, tasks, work schedules and to-do lists. The break down of these large projects can be viewed by all team members and project progress can be checked at any time from any place. Trello offers a user-friendly interface to create so-called "boards" in which the tasks are arranged clearly. Team members can be added to specific boards to determine responsibilities. In addition, deadlines can be set and reminders for appointments can be made, so the user gets a good overview of the project.


There are many more useful and innovative apps on the market, and new ones are constantly being added. Therefore, this overview can only be a snapshot of the current market and thus provides an overview of the broad spectrum and the various applications of smartphone and tablet apps. The selected apps can already facilitate today’s workflows and make the woodworking and furniture industry as well as the craft a bit more digital. The independent search in the app store of your device is now worthwhile, as our industry can benefit from the many possibilities.

Author: Maximilian Durben, SCHULER Consulting GmbH

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