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Holz Design van Kessel – A wonderful profession

Jan van Kessel is living his dream, which came true with the establishment of his own workshop.

Inspired by a television series in which a master carpenter from Munich makes items of furniture in his backyard, the decision was made quickly and at an early age.
Today, Jan van Kessel is a master carpenter himself and has been self-employed for 13 years. He has his own workshop, where he works together with one employee and one apprentice and he proudly states: "I live for my profession!" He primarily produces individual items of furniture, built-in cupboards and, together with his team, makes high-quality interior fittings. 

He lives in Pulheim, in the Rhine-Erft district, and this is where his customers are. Within a radius of 50 km, he supports a mix of commercial and private customers, who have remained loyal to him for a long time and who regularly submit new orders and requests. However, he has also made a name for himself in neighboring Belgium. His package of dimensions, design and assembly is impressive. Jan van Kessel supplies everything from a single source and, in doing so, combines a wide range of materials, such as solid wood, panel materials, but also plastic, glass and metal.

Higher quality and significant time saving thanks to a new edge banding machine

When the time came to replace the existing edge banding machine, Jan van Kessel's thoughts turned immediately to HOMAG as he had good experience with HOMAG machines from the time before he was self-employed.
After careful consideration, in 2016 he decided to buy an edge banding machine from the EDGETEQ S-240 series.
This machine is predestined for ambitious carpenters and is therefore perfect for Jan van Kessel. It is compact and allows the complete processing of workpieces, including joints and corner rounding. Initial automation of the units guarantees easy adjustment of the machine from the control system. This saves time and ensures that the settings have a high repeat accuracy. The highlight of the machine, however, is the airTec unit. The use of hot air allows the creation of an optical "zero joint" that gives the furniture an additional quality aspect. These new options open up new design possibilities for Jan van Kessel, allowing him to produce new products.
Just like the use of PUR glue, the zero joint offers water-resistant properties that allow Jan van Kessel to offer bathroom furniture. In addition to the airTec unit, the machine has a significantly higher processing quality that means that parts no longer need to be reworked.

Jan van Kessel is happy as, after acquiring the new edge banding machine from HOMAG, he has also been able to acquire new customers. Today, his customers include law firms and the Michaelshoven e. V. deaconry. His customers are impressed with his detailed and highly accurate work.

For the future, he dreams of a five-axis CNC processing center to give him even more creative freedom in offering the best solutions for his customers.

"I'm happy I learned this profession. It's a truly wonderful profession!," he says proudly and with full conviction. 

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Seit 13 Jahren produziert die Tischlerei vorwiegend Einzelmöbel, Einbauschränke und realisiert im Team hochwertigen Innenausbau.


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