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Four new ones for Mayr – woodworking from a single source

The joinery and handcrafted furniture manufacturer Mayr attaches great importance to high quality and competent all-round service for customers. As does the HOMAG Group as supplier of machinery to the company.

"We trust in "Made in Germany". Add to that the fact that the machines are also produced by the market leader, and my purchasing decision is as good as made. We want to provide our customers with the best of the best and to do that, we need a machine pool that can fully meet this demand. Thus far, we can state that this requirement has been met in full by the HOMAG Group."

Andreas Mayr, Managing Director Mayr Schreinerei + Möbelmanufaktur Mayr

Quality and experience since 1952

Since the company was founded in the 1950s, its work and product portfolio has been determined by continuous further development. Having started out as a conventional carpentry and joinery business, the company began to specialize in the interior fittings of guest houses and hotels in its second generation, always moving and developing in line with changes in the industry. The company became increasingly flexible and continued to extend its product offering until Andreas Mayr, the third generation owner, began to focus, in addition, on the range of services offered and made the Mayr furniture maker the business it is today: a modern service company, which operates across crafts. Starting with the design — and ending with turnkey upgrade options.

From rocking horse to VIP Lounge

Although the work initially involved simply machining large quantities of solid wood, this has now developed into daily work performed to a high level of quality and using a wide range of materials. The materials used now also include panel materials, a wide variety of surfaces, veneers, plastic coatings, special-effect varnishes or material combinations with glass, natural stone or stainless steel – the customer's wishes and satisfaction are at the forefront. And the jobs are as varied as the materials — from the repair of a rocking horse to the interior fittings of prestigious offices for Audi AG, Mayr can provide everything you need. For many years now, Mayr has had framework agreements with Audi, which regularly incorporate new projects, but also on-site maintenance. But other customers, such as cassidian, e.on and the German Federal Employment Agency also rely on the experience, service and high-quality products of Mayr. And it is not only in Germany that the company's concept is making an impression. Customers abroad (predominantly in Europe) have now also come to value the passion and service range of this versatile company.

A full house in the workshop: four machines from the HOMAG Group

In order to serve a broad target group with very different requirements, you not only need qualified employees, but also a flexible machine pool that will operate at a technically advanced level. That's why managing director Andreas Mayr decided to invest in new technologies at the end of 2011. Project manager Peter Frank, long-term friend of the company and now also co-partner of the investment company he founded, "mbm", was responsible for managing the restructuring. The decision to opt for the HOMAG Group coincided with the market launch of the Venture 316 last year. "The key phrase 'affordable five-axis technology for trade' was exactly what we had been waiting for. In addition to the Venture 316 from HOMAG, we also took other competitors into consideration of course. But we were impressed above all by HOMAG's quality and flexibility," says Mayr. "We also knew, however, that we did not only want to invest in a CNC processing center, but also in other wood processing machines. In the end, it was the HOMAG Group that met all our requirements." The company decided to invest not only in the HOMAG Venture 316, but also in acombined saw+store from HOMAG Automation and HOLZMA (TLF 210 and HPP 250) and a BOOMERANG® ZHR 01 return conveyor from HOMAG Automation.

Everything from a single source: From Mayr and for Mayr!

A principal part of Mayr's corporate philosophy is to provide customers with everything from a single source — from planning, production and project processing right through to service. "We expect the same from our machine technology partners. And no other machine manufacturer was able to offer us this end-to-end integration. This factor was decisive for us. Guntram Hauer from the sales and service office of HOMAG Bavaria is a contact who we trust. The woodCAD|CAM software solution is also integral. From the point of sale to the finished end product, this solution guarantees continuous data transfer.

Convincing: made in Germany

The origin of the machines was also crucial for Mayr and Frank. "We trust in "Made in Germany". Add to that the fact that the machines are also produced by the market leader, and my purchasing decision is as good as made. We want to provide our customers with the best of the best and to do that, we need a machine pool that can fully meet this demand. Thus far, we can state that this requirement has been met in full by the HOMAG Group," says the owner. In HOLZMA, HOMAG and HOMAG Automation, the customers of the HOMAG Group have partners on their side who are perfectly coordinated with one another.

"Delivery took place with military precision"

The delivery of the machines one morning in March was particularly impressive. "Within two hours, all of the machines were in the workshop. The HOMAG Group's installation team immediately got to grips with the challenge of integrating them into our existing structures, and managed it to perfection. The whole process really was planned down to the last detail and ran very smoothly!" says Frank. Sales advisor Guntram Hauer adds: "A truck loaded with a machine set off every 30 minutes from our HOMAG Group site in Denkendorf. It was like a conveyor belt." Without the close collaboration between Peter Frank and Guntram Hauer, this whole venture would not have been possible. "It was, in the truest sense of the word, a logistical and organizational master feat!" says Andreas Mayr. "We were able to start production relatively quickly — it is clear now that we made the right decision. Peter Frank played a key role throughout, employing his expertise in both organization and operations planning."

Space-saving solution: TLF 210

"Handling was a crucial factor in our decision to install a combined saw+store. We only saw a few packages and do not fully utilize the saws throughout the day — but used in conjunction with the HOMAG Automation TLF 210, we have found the perfect combination," explains the managing director. Panels of up to 2200 x 4100 mm with thicknesses of between 12 and 40 mm can be processed.

The TLF 210 allows the company to optimize its storage capacity utilization as a result of minimal distances between the stacks and, what's more, the device can also increase the material flow. A further advantage of the combined saw+store is that only one person is required to operate it. Moreover, Mayr is able to reduce its material costs by means of optimized, automated and, above all, flowing production sequences.

The flexibility of the store in terms of its ability to transport a wide variety of panels is also a positive feature, as Mayr offers its customers a wide-ranging product portfolio. For this reason, the suction rail must be set up to transport numerous carrier materials and surfaces. Standard chipboard, MDF, HDF, plywood, glued wood, solid wood and multiplex can be transported from the store extremely easily for further processing in the saw. Varying surfaces are also no problem for the TLF, as a new measurement sensor detects almost all materials – whether ABS, PVC, paint, veneer, melamine, aluminum or film. The vacuum suction units can be manually adjusted to the part length.

HPP 250: efficient processes and a high level of quality

The HPP 250 single saw, installed at Mayr, has many features that enable gentle panel processing. Take, for example, the manual trim stops included as standard. These stops allow parts with protruding cover layers to be processed without problems. Pressure-sensitive materials can be cut easily thanks to the manual pressure control in the operating area. And with the groove and cutout package, Mayr can also produce cutouts for kitchen sinks, for example, or grooves for curved parts without introducing any additional work steps in the cutting process. Manual labeling is another feature that can be used. For each workpiece, an individual label with a barcode is produced directly at the saw. The workpiece is then sent directly for further processing together with the printed instructions. The HOLZMA Cut Rite optimization software also ensures highly efficient cutting.

Data networking is a key success factor

With woodCAD|CAM, Mayr has opted for software, which guarantees a continuous data flow from 3D design right through to production on the machine. Production drawings and parts lists are available immediately after design with just a click of the mouse. "Here at Mayr, work preparation is carried out on the PC in the office. Our designer exports the data from woodCAD|CAM and optimizes the cutting plans with the HOLZMA Cut Rite optimization software. The finished data is sent online directly to the saw," explains Frank. As you would expect, the data is also used for the Venture 316, thereby lowering programming expenses. At the same time, the impressive flexibility of the machine is exploited effectively. In particular, the interpolating five-axis spindle offers almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to product design (e.g. 3D fronts, accurate shift cuts etc.) 

Impact and employee loyalty

Overall, Mayr GmbH is able to be much more flexible in accepting and processing orders as a result of the new machine pool. Orders can be accepted more spontaneously and the scope has also changed. Larger orders for a wide range of demands, such as hotel rooms and large quantities, are no longer a problem. Mayr sees employee loyalty as an additional advantage of the machine pool: "There is virtually a full employment rate in our region. For many skilled employees, a high-quality, technically sophisticated machine pool is an incentive to join the company and to remain with the company on a long-term basis."

When asked how the product range has changed since the introduction of the new machines, the subject of "added value" is mentioned almost immediately. "For example, we are now able to manufacture the carcasses in-house again. As such, we have regained part of the added value of the products," explains Frank. "Our investment in these new machines has thrown the previous structure of our company into disarray — but it has been worth it."

Creativity made to order

Not only did the company regain part of the added value of the products, but creativity has also been boosted. For customers like Audi, Mayr has to adhere to certain design specifications, but it can make use of a wide-ranging spectrum of colors and elements. Other projects offer more room for maneuver for the Mayr team. "Customers increasingly come to us when they are still searching for the right idea. On such occasions, the design and suggestions for the layout of a new apartment, for example, are in our hands. Our machines make us flexible and allow us to achieve almost anything. That's why we also want to show our customers that such extraordinary and unusual solutions are possible. In order to ensure that they realize the full extent of the products available, we have come up with something very special," says the managing director.

The "Wohlfühlhaus": immerse yourself in a world full of inspiration

Andreas Mayr loves inviting his customers to the "Wohlfühlhaus", an exhibition in the center of Manching, in which he presents a wide range of multi-functional living concepts in an area of around 220 m². All crafts are involved in this exhibition, thereby enabling the customer to visualize possible comprehensive concepts. It was also Andreas Mayr who breathed life into this collaboration between craftsmen. "We want to offer our customers complete solutions — from furniture and interior fittings through to electronics and decoration. We want to think outside of the box together with the customer," says Mayr. Mayr makes features out of simple rooms for daily use, such as a guest WC measuring just 2 m², which wow the user as soon as they enter. The creative managing director shows visitors unusual materials in his "model workshop" at the rear of the "Wohlfühlhaus". It is here, in particular, that you get a sense of his passion. From the premium textured wallpaper to the most extraordinary furniture surface, there is a visual and tactile example for everything. "Often customers come with an image of their former living space and we put our heads together to come up with the perfect, individual idea!" enthuses Mayr. At the end of 2012, after almost ten years, the "Wohlfühlhaus" will be relocating to Ingolstadt. The exhibition space there will be larger — 320 m² to be precise.

Approximately 70 km from Manching, the company is involved in the "Netzwerk Holzforum" exhibition in Munich. In his own studio, Mayr exhibits fantastic ideas for interior design. At the 2200-m² group exhibition space, he shows his customers (almost) everything that can be done with wood and wood-based materials.

The joiner and furniture maker Mayr is passionate about wood. Anyone who doesn't believe this has plenty of opportunities to experience it for themselves at Mayr.

We thank our customer Mayr Schreinerei & Möbelmanufaktur Mayr.
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