2020/03/18   |   Elchesheim-Illingen   |   Germany

All edgebands at a glance

The "miracle for edgebands" at the Löw Breidenbach carpentry

  • How can I store my edgeband coils in a way that is clear and tidy?
  • How can I manage stocks of edgeband coils and find edges quickly?
  • How do I make sure that enough edge material is still available?

These questions were also asked by the carpentry Löw Breidenbach Möbelbau, which recently started testing one of HOMAG's digital assistants. The solution is called „Edgeband Management Set“. With this digital assistant, the employees of Löw Breidenbach have a complete overview of all the information about their edge material and they can quickly find the right edgeband at any time. The app and the HOMAG edgeband rack offer a permanent overview of stock of edge material (e.g. ABS edgebands, melamine edging, aluminum edging). The printer can also be used to create labels to identify the edges.

The “Edgeband Management Set” is a plug-and-play system that the carpenter can easily install himself and adapt to his own needs. Included are a proposal for a construction plan for the edge rack, the LED strips, the required apps "materialManager" and "materialAssist Edge" and a label printer for marking the edges. The HOMAG CUBE is the heart of the system. It is the interface between all the individual parts and ensures optimum communication between edge rack, the apps and the user.

If you already have your own rack for your edgebands, you can also retrofit it with the “Edgeband Management Set”. That is to say: This digital assistant fits seamlessly into the existing workshop environment.

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