HOMAG eSOLUTION: Machine and software are strong allies

HOMAG eSOLUTION connects HOMAG Group products with software technology to organize an integrated data flow in operation perfectly. HOMAG eSOLUTION turns your machine investment into a competitive benefit.

A key component of HOMAG eSOLUTION and the HOMAG Group companies is the common commitment to high standards of quality and the partnership between customers, employees and the company to save long term success.

woodNET offers innovative eBusiness solutions for manufacturers and traders.

COE is the specialized order planning system for the woodworking and furniture industry. The software is the optimum and economic supplementation to ERP and PPS systems to provide increased safety, quality and efficiency.

The MCS modules of HOMAG eSOLUTION perfectly complement industry-neutral functionalities, which are included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, lignos-PPS and other ERP Systems.

Individual design based on standards for perfect flexibility.

woodFactory is used in industrial production plants and for manufacturers who produce furniture parts in lot size-1-plants to optimize the organization of the production processes. For this purpose, woodFactory offers powerful tools for planning production, generating production data and documents as well as controlling the progress of the production.

HOMAG eSOLUTION stands for high quality software solutions which are creating efficiency and reliability in the order and manufacturing process.

Software for the industry: The industry-specific software from HOMAG eSOLUTION enhances quality, profitability and efficiency in the order and manufacturing processes. They offer perfect solutions for every application by its modular structure and scalability. The solutions are the optimum and economic supplementations to ERP and PPS systems.

Software for trade PRACTIVE: From the first sketch to the final product, from the cost estima­tion stage to the quotation, from the parametric design and free modeling in 3D through to CNC data generation for HOMAG Group machinery: Our software woodCAD|CAM supplies a reliable and flexible process. The versions of woodCAD|CAM are tailored to the functions and capabilities of the respective machines.

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